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Anyone can cook/bake something that tastes great with a ton of sugar, oil, butter, or salt, but the real talent is when you can make it taste great and be healthy at the same time.

Storage is for hoarders! (I know, I know, there are a few valid exceptions, but you KWIM!)

Be attached when kids are young so that they develop the confidence to be more independent as they grow older.

About Me
I'm the wife of a really great guy who makes me laugh everyday and the mom to three great boys who warm my heart and brighten my world. I like to share openly and honestly on my blog about my life because I find it cathartic and freeing. Whatever is on my mind that day is pretty much what you'll see as the current post. ;)

I have considered making my blog about a specific topic, but then I might not enjoy it as much.  And if I don't enjoy it, then I won't do it and won't be good at it.  So I have decided to keep writing about my life, whatever that entails on that particular day - parenting, marriage, money, food, decorating - you name it!

Let's see, about me....I'm a Christian first of all, a wife next, and a mom next.  I really love and value my family and friends and worry too much about how people perceive me.  I really love Jesus and try to live out His love in my life.  I tend to get in the way of that a lot, but His grace covers me.  I'm so amazed at how good He is to me.  I can't wait to meet Him when I'm with Him forever in glory!  That's real, y'all!

I'm a stay at home mom who has the best husband and kids in the world!  I have three amazing boys and a husband who is so supportive and selfless.

I'm a bit type-A about certain things, but I'm working on letting go of my perfectionism because it can suck the life out of you!  I love cooking, and I try to cook healthfully for my family.  I try to be green, but there are some things that I let go of out of a need to not be a perfectionist.  I love decorating and think I have a decent eye for design (but you be the judge).  And I'm the handyman of the household.  :)  I'm on a perpetual diet, but my greatest weakness is chocolate.  I value honesty a LOT.

If there's ever a topic you want to see me write about, then just comment on a post and let me know!

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