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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting My Running Mojo Back

Okay, so a little running update. I have been running, but I've been running sloooooowly. I'm alright with that, though. Ya know why? 'Cause I'm running!

This half-marathon training has been a lot tougher than last time. Sure I'm doing Hal Higdon's "Novice 2" training schedule this time instead of "Novice 1" like last time, but I do feel like I have so many more challenges this time around. Last time I had my "I-just-had-my-last-baby-and-I'm-gonna-get-my-body-back" mojo. Plus, I was training with the double-Bob, so I was so much stronger.

And this time, I've had all these weird allergy things plus the mental setback of not running for almost an entire year {not really sure if it really was a year or not}. And the cherry on top, my knees have been hurting. Wah...wah..wah..
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Ugh, I can't believe I'm showing you my slow paces. Embarrassing! 
Okay, so after many weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I gotta say, I was sick of my whiny thoughts. SICK!

So I went and bought new running shoes because it was time. Knees still hurt. AND I was getting a blister on my heel after the first couple of runs {and after trying on every single shoe in the store that would fit my Flintstone feet}. So ya know what I did...

"Cutting off heel of running shoes", "blister on heel", "running shoes", "running blisters"
Boom! I cut that bad boy off, and it felt really good. Ya know why? Because I was taking charge? I wasn't being a victim. {That worked like a charm, by the way.}

Okay, so at this point my heel was feeling better, but I was still feeling it in my knees.

So I had posted a question on the FB wall of my favorite running Podcast hosts on Another Mother Runner about what I should do about my knees. Most everyone was like, "Go to a physical therapist." And I was all, "Wah, wah, I have a high deductible and don't want to spend God-knows-how-much when I can just switch sports...wah, wah." (Feeling a bit victim-y again.)

So finally someone was like, "Uh, just google 'runner's knee exercises'." And I was all, "Ohmuhfreakingosh, why didn't I think of that?!"

So I did, and O-M-G, those muscles needed it! AND I started running on the treadmill AFTER my yoga classes instead of before. And guess what?! NO KNEE PAIN!!!

Okay, granted, I haven't had a run over 6 miles since I started the exercises and yoga, but I was having pain even after 1 mile, even when I was wearing my knee bras patella bands. I have my first long run this weekend, 11 miles, so I'll let you know on FB how it goes.

All that to say...I am getting my running mojo back because I had a taste of what it would be like to have to give it up, and I mourned it. I didn't want to give it up.

Anyone else out there training for something that you want so bad that you'll do anything for it?!


  1. Kind of fitness-related. I rarely run anymore because I have a variety of lower body ailments that come up every time that I run. I wish I could and if I really wanted to I could probably fix it, but honestly running is NOT my favorite! But somehow I have been creeping closer to my maximum weight in the Army. So I decided that I wouldn't exactly diet but just track what I eat on My Fitness Pal. I committed to do it for two weeks and so far, so good. I am hoping that I will at least drop a pound or two so that I can feel like I am in the safe zone again. I love it on my phone because I can scan in a barcode for any food that I eat, it's awesome! I call it "calorie awareness" lol.

    1. I still have a love/hate relationship with MFP. Sometimes I'm all about it, and then I go off of it for a few days at a time. Use that enthusiasm, though! I remember LOVING it when I first started using it, and it helped me lose a lot of weight.


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