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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Splurging...And Its Affects On This Week-Willed Girl

I've discovered something about myself:

I can't splurge on my diet.

Now, it's not that I can't splurge. I can. Oh yes, I sure do know how. I'm not one of those people that can't reward myself or cheat on a diet or enjoy one more glass of wine. I can. Trust me, I can.

The problem is in the stopping of said splurge.'s just so hard. It's also in how it affects my body.

First of all, once I start throwing caution to the wind, it's hard to stop.

We were on vacation last week, and I did so incredibly good the first four days. I tracked my calories. I ate my limit. I jogged. I was feeling quite proud of myself. I actually thought to myself, 'This'll be the first ever vacation that I will have lost weight.'

And then splurge day came; some of you may call it "Wednesday". Pizza was for dinner, and appetizers, including (God help me) hummus AND guacamole, were on the counter with pita chips AND tortilla chips. Oh, and drinks were served, drinks that included...wait for it...lime sherbet and tequila. It was all kinds of yum.

But then the next day came...and I didn't get back on track. Then the next day came...still not on track. Long story short...the next five days became a huge splurge. (I did taper off that fifth day, after some buttery popcorn.)

What's wrong with me!! 

And secondly, it's not just a vanity thing. Sure that's part of it, of course, but the other thing is that when I have a string of bad eating days, particularly with sugar, I *feel* terrible. It exacerbates my allergies by suppressing my immune system, and then I'm down (physically and emotionally) for a few days afterward. I lay around on the couch, achy, fatigued, bloated, with a headache. So I can't exercise feeling like this, and it just sucks all the way around.

It's total insanity, as my 12-stepping friends would say - doing the same thing over and over, knowing that it's caused me pain in the past, but expecting it to not affect me this time. And let's just call a spade a spade - STUPID really.

Well, needless to say, I didn't lose weight on this vacation. No. No. I gained.

"Every healthy diet requires a splurge day," they say. Well, not for this girl with no self-control. A whole splurge day sets me way too far into overeat mode. Then limiting it to one meal, even, is too messy. One "meal" could last 6 hours if it's a party, and then that starts my whole ridiculously INSANE cycle.

SO...My plan of attack is to get back on track and contain my splurging to ONE HOUR. Is that how you normal people do it? You people without food issues or 12-stepping parents or general dysfunction? You probably do it without even having to think about it. Oh you normal people. Are there even any of you out there? Do you exist?

Anyhoo, I'll letcha know how it turns out.  ;)

Anyone have this problem??  Have you tried limiting the splurge to a shorter time period?

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