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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grinding Wheat

So...grinding wheat...yay!!!!  Right?!  You've GOT to be excited about this.  Hehe.

In all seriousness, when I started grinding wheat, I felt LIBERATED from processed foods!  Do you know how many things that say WHOLE WHEAT aren't really!?  It drives me crazy how the food companies try to be so sneaky to hide the fact that their food is not as whole as they claim.  There is "enriched" or "refined" flour in almost everything (not a true stat - just me blabbing).

So when I started grinding my own wheat, I knew that I was getting the most nutrition possible out of my flour since I freeze it right after I grind it.  All of the beneficial oils weren't drying out on the shelves or worse yet, spoiling.

Anytime I have a recipe that calls for flour, I use my whole wheat flour.  My kids are used to the taste, and I feel great about it.  (Hint: if your kids aren't used to it, then you can start with half whole wheat and half white flour.)

I told you yesterday how I buy my wheat berries, and now I'll show you how I grind it.

I started out with a used grinder like this one:
I bought it used and used it for a while until I got a Vitamix.  Then I sold it since it was redundant to have that and a Vitamix.

Now I have a Vitamix with a Dry Container (very important - it's different than a regular container).

The grinding of said wheat is so incredibly simple that it's almost silly for me to show you how, but hey, you may not know, right?

1)  Set up my Vitamix with the DRY CONTAINER.
2)  Pour about 2 cups of wheat berries into the dry container and put the lid on it.
3)  Start the Vitamix on Variable speed - 1.  Then slowly move it all the way to 10 and then to HIGH.
4)  Leave on High for about 30 seconds to a minute or until all of the flour peaks in all four corners of the container (as shown in bottom center pic).
5)  Store in an airtight container in the freezer.

See!  SO easy!

If you're interested in this and don't have a grinder or a Vitamix, then I'd suggest trying to buy a grinder like the first one I showed you secondhand.  First see if anyone you know has one that they never use (oh so common).  Then see if you can find one elsewhere like Craig's List or eBay.  They retail for about $200, but people practically give them away.  I wouldn't pay more than $50 for a used one.

And if that doesn't work for you, then fret not.  There are a lot of other ways to get it done.  Kitchen Aid sells an attachment for wheat grinding.  Some high powered food processors can grind wheat, too. Where there's a will there's a way!

BTW, I've updated my whole wheat breadmaker recipe if anyone is in need.  I use this DAILY - SO easy.

Do you grind your own wheat?  What's your preferred method?

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