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Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Week: Master Bathroom Remodel

When we moved into this house, we kind of understood why the people just moved out instead of updating.  I mean, it is really a daunting task if you're not up for it.  But seriously, I'd much rather do it the way I want it than live with someone else's choices, so I was definitely up for the task.

So this is what it looked like the day we moved in.  Michael always said it looked like a bathroom that belonged on Seinfeld.  

So the things that we did BEFORE project week, were: 
 - got the carpet pulled up and the tile done
 - got the wallpaper torn off and the walls textured and painted
 - spray painted the drawer and cabinet pulls nickel
 - hung the plank wall
 - got the gold faucets replaced
 - prepped the wood for the mirror frames

The frames were a MAJOR project.  Oh my flipping goodness!  HUGE!  But it would NOT have been as big of a deal if I wasn't using reclaimed wood.  Since I had to piece it together, it complicated the whole deal greatly.  So here was the process:

 - pick out pieces of leftover hardwood flooring wood to use in each bathroom that were roughly the same width
 - cut all of the pieces for each bathroom the same width
 - cut all of pieces to fit around the mirror
 - sand and stain ALL.THE.WOOD.
 - use Liquid Nails to attach them to the mirrors (use tape and boards to hold it up there while it dries)
 - touch up paint from where the duct tape tears off the paint
 - use clear waterproof caulk in the inside border (if not you can see the back of the wood through the mirror) and where the wood touches the counter

To do all four mirrors (two in ours and two in others) was quite the task.  I wanted to do it so badly, though, so I stayed motivated.  It was well worth it in the end.  I also used the leftover stair wood to make shelves for the baskets.  Keepin' the clutter off the counters...feels good.

I also changed out the blinds to Roman shades.  I love the warmth and earthy texture it brings.  I also put up hooks for the towels.  We had nowhere for them before, except over the glass.  Hello, tacky.  So I'm glad we got that little bit of functionality taken care of.

And the last thing we got done last week was replaced the gold glass.  SO HAPPY!!!  So now that the doorknobs were all done that week, too, we are totally debrassed!

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