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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Project Week: Guest Bedroom with Plank Headboard

Hey y'all.  I'm sitting here on my couch on Mother's Day in a quiet house blogging while the hubs and kids are at Six Flags.  Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with the fam, but on Mother's Day this mama just needs a little peace and quiet.  

So anyway, last year you may or may not remember I talked about my plans for my guest bedroom.  Here's a refresher.  ;)

Well, it's a year later, and I've finally made some headway.  

I still want to put something long over the headboard and something tall over the dresser, but hey, it's taken a year to get to this point; I'm in no rush.  Also, the gold fan is still there, but that's low on the priority list.

Before we got the floors done, we had it painted in there (one of my favorite colors - Sherwin Williams' Green River), so I left everything off the walls for a blank slate.  I also lengthened the curtains with some clearance tablecloths that I got at Target (they were seriously cheaper than I could have bought any fabric for).  

And during Project Week all I did to this room was:
 - change out the gold door knobs to oil-rubbed bronze (made a HUGE difference)
 - moved my red bookcase (not photographed because there's still nothing on it) from the attic to this room
 - fixed two broken drawers in this Ikea dresser (like ya do)


 - made this super-cool headboard that's going to survive the apocalypse 

I am so in love with the way it turned out, and I'm really proud of it.  It was hard work!  And I wasn't even sure if it was going to work - big risk.  But the only real problem with it is that it weighs a TON.  (It's attached to the bedframe, but I also anchored it to the wall three times across the top in the back of it.)  

I made it with all of the scraps and leftover wood that the flooring guys were going to just throw away (same wood that I also used for the bathroom frames).  Well, I had to have something to put it together on, so I screwed it onto the super, heavy-duty piece of plywood (from the back).  

For the sides and trim and whatnot, I literally just looked around my garage for what I could use.  I had saved SO much from the flooring scraps, and I had a lot of scraps that a friend generously unloaded on me.  

I'm definitely still learning how to build, and I don't have all the coolest tools or anything, and I'm no Ana White, but I really enjoy it.  I've come a long way since the little step stool that I built two years ago on which I stripped all the screws (which is holding up great, in case you wondered - hehe).  But practice makes perfect, so I'll keep at it!

Okay, that's finally it from all of the projects from my project week.  I'm tired just recounting them!  And guess what, I'm so not doing anything to my house for a long while.

Oh, and also, you'll likely see me in the same clothes I've been wearing for quite a while because my clothes budget is pretty much in all of these projects!  Oh, and my new minivan....yeah, I'm looking at that in the form of wood floors all over my house.  94K MILES will just have to grow a bit more, but I'm FINE with that!  Choices, y'all.  ;)

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