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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confession of Idiocy

As the title indicates, I have a confession.  So last year I totally thought I was dying.  I mean for real.

In 2012 at some point, I don't know when, I started getting tired and very achy all the time, so tired that I could barely function and so achy that I could barely sleep.  I was also in this huge brain fog and couldn't remember things or think clearly.  All of it was really bad.  The hubs had to miss a lot of work.  The house was a mess.  I had to lay on the couch all day long, and going upstairs was a huge task which required a break midway through.

I had some female stuff happening that automatically made me think that I had cancer of some female sort.  For a few days before I got my appointment, I seriously was imagining dying and leaving my kids and husband behind, and I kept crying (I'm not a crier, y'all).

So I got that checked out, and it was just benign fibroids.  Alright then, so check!  What now?

I had some blood work done, and there was a positive result for autoimmune illness.  Of course.  That made sense.  It would explain all of the fatigue and achiness for sure, even the restless legs I had been experiencing at bedtime.

After a couple of months I had finally gotten an appointment with a rheumatologist, did more (better) blood work, and found out a few weeks later that the original test resulted in a false positive.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I mean, I was glad, but why the heck didn't they tell me that that test has a false positive rate of about 40%?  Why even do the test?  Anyway, I was healthy as a horse, and he was surprised to even be seeing me, as his usual patients are in quite a bad state.  So good!  Check!  Now what?

I went back to my general practice doctor, did some allergy testing, and was about to schedule an echo-cardiogram at his suggestion.  I knew it was overkill, but I was desperate.  I was still feeling terrible, and I knew it wasn't all in my mind.  I had to give up my dream of running a marathon, and I quit exercising entirely as there was no way in Hades I could even walk a mile.

The allergy testing said that I had a bunch of tree allergies, pollen, and a few others like dogs and cats and dust and cockroaches (probably a good allergy to have).  But the girls in the office were like, 'Yeah, really everyone has those.'  And I was like, 'Yeah, no big deal.'  They wanted to me to do immunotherapy to get over the allergies, but after the shock at how much just the testing was (we're a high-deductible family, y'all), I just wanted to get out of there before they could put their hands any further down my pockets.

So I blew it off.  Surely allergies couldn't cause me to feel this terrible?

Soooo.....this Spring rolled around....and yeah.....I was getting knocked out again - fatigue, aches, brain fog.  I just thought, 'I'm not eating well enough, and my immune system is weak.'  So I went and got a ton of vitamins and whatnot to boost my immune system.  I don't know if it worked, but if it did, it was like a bandaid on a broken arm.

I was really starting to feel hopeless, defeated, and depressed again because I felt so terrible.  Finally, a lightbulb came on, and I thought, why don't I just get some Claritin and see if it helps (I had tried Benadryl already, and it hadn't).  Two days on Claritin, and I was completely back to normal.

I've been taking it daily for a couple weeks now.  I know it's not a good longterm solution, but it's sure a relief right now!

Last year when I was feeling horrible, did my mother-in-law call it by saying it was probably allergies?  Yes, yes, she did.  Am I a complete idiot?  Well, it's highly debatable, I'd say.  ;)


  1. WOW! Annie! Really? Allergies? Interesting... maybe this is my issue, too? Ugh! I am just dragging.....

    Glad you're feeling better!


    1. Hey, it's worth a shot to take an allergy pill for a few days! I didn't think it was allergies because I don't really have the sneezing and itchies like they talk about. I do get the annoying watery eyes, but it's nothing major - just a minor makeup issue. And since you just moved, it could be that you're exposed to a new allergen.

      Anyway, thanks for coming by, Clementine! xoxo

  2. I'm glad you found the solution! I have seasonal allergies on and off it seems. I took Allegra for a long time and it worked well but after a couple of years lost effectiveness. Just something to keep in mind-you might not have to worry about that for a while if you are just beginning to take allergy medications.

    1. Yeah, that's what I hear about allergy meds. I do want to do immunotherapy, but I have to save up for it. I'll probably do it next year.

  3. I have the same problem, except mine's due to anemia.

    - Esther

  4. So glad you are feeling better. When we were growing up on the farm, my red- haired, fair-skinned brother was allergic and suffered during each harvest. He finally got better with daily doses of Vitamin C. I'm not sure the dose he took. You probably got this during your vitamin buying trip but if not start taking 1000mg of time-release rose hip (the best kind) Vitamin C per day. Maybe that will help boost your immune system. Take with food to avoid acid indigestion. Another remedy is to make regular trips with your boys to see their Mimi (!) Just kidding. Thanks again for your and Michael's help straighteneing out my kitchen, den and living room after the re-do. That gave me a real boost. Love you tons, Ann


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