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Monday, May 20, 2013

26.2 is calling my name

Okay, y'all, I only have a minute to write because there's spaghetti all over my kitchen floor and table, and I have to get to a Cub Scout meeting in 30 minutes after I clean the kitchen.

BUT I wanted to tell you that you won't hear from me for a few days because my computer is resting safely at the Apple Store while it gets a new hard drive (this is the hub's laptop that I don't normally use).

BUT I wanted to say it here so that it's real and I'm accountable...that I'm going to start training this month for 13.1 in September and 26.2 in November.  Both are really, small, local races, and I'm super excited about it.

I was a total glutton today...and yesterday...and the day before....and I really need to get my ascot in gear with my diet and exercise.  Last time (and only time) I trained for the 13.1, I was in the best shape of my life, so I really want to get back to that.

So telling you about it was my first step.  ;)  Thanks!  K, gotta go!

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  1. Aye yai yai! As much as I hated that 13.1...I did love my schedule, my determination and my food and drink choices...and if I cheated..oh well I just ran x miles. Good job, lady! The trails are beautiful here we can get in a run together! Exciting!



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