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Friday, April 26, 2013

Reveal Week: Reading Nook in MBR

So I think that the room that benefitted from Project Week the most was my master bedroom.  When we first moved in, it looked like this.  And I was really excited about decorating this area.

First, we got rid of the glass in the fireplace.  Then we took out that white tile and changed it for some stone.  Then we painted it.  And when I say 'we', I mean we paid people to do it.  Life is a little too crazy to take on those big projects when you have kids.  But we paced ourselves and did it little by little.  So after getting all of that done, it left us here.

Pretty boring, I know.  We lived like this for a year!  Before, it was just completely utilitarian.  There was a bed, a dresser, and a bench that was recently put in there.  And no, I don't usually make my bed.  Judge me.

So basically I just needed a lot of decor.  I did a lot of clearance shopping at Target.  Every time I went there, I would head straight for that corner end-cap in the very back of the store where they put the very best clearanced stuff.  I also got a lot of stuff at Marshall's and Home Goods.  Marshall's was hands down the best place.  Their regular priced stuff was like clearance anywhere else.  So here are my afters.

First of all, I had to do this next thing.  Having a charging station hidden away has been on my want-list for a LONG time.  So I know it's not pretty, but I put one in our nightstands.  All I did was drill a hole in the back of our nightstands and ran the power strip to a discreet outlet behind the bed.  I use it for my lamp, Kindle, and iPhone. Works great!

Here is some of the decor I used, close up.  If you're shopping for decor, the biggest piece of advice I can give is just to pick things that make you happy.  All of these colors and textures and contrasts just give me that inexplicable, serene feeling that art gives me.

Here is the fireplace and reading nook.  To me, it still needs a little something to make it cozier, but it's a definite improvement and good base line.

So that's that.  I'm really happy for the feel that this room has now.  It feels completely different - very peaceful and homey.

What have you done to make a gigantic room feel cozier?

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