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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reveal Week: Dining Room and Living Rooms

In case you haven't been around in a while, I spent last week doing a mad amount of projects around the house, and now I'm showing you room by room.  SOOO, the rooms I'm going to show you today are pretty minor changes, but those little changes did a LOT to change the feel of the house.  It makes everything much more cozier.

Without further ado...

I'll start with the front door since it's in between the two rooms.  It was white on the inside and a fake wood color on the outside.  The second pic down is after I already sanded the fake wood side.  It had tarnished brass hardware that I switched out for oil-rubbed bronze, and I added a knocker, which wasn't there before.  I also just took off the kick plate and spray painted it with an oil-rubbed bronze paint, along with its screws.  I painted the door one shade darker than the grey that I used in the rest of my house. I love the color.  So pretty and modern but cozy.

So my original plan was to put together two different curtains so that they could go ceiling to floor, but then I got sick and was running out of time.  So I returned those first curtains (also because they were red and didn't go as well as I would have hoped) and got these (from Target), and I'm in LOVE with these curtains - LOVE.  I also snatched this rug up from a clearance sale at Lowe's, and I just adore it.  I really think the curtains and the rug round out this dining room. Especially after I added the gallery shelf  these two rooms just feel complete now. I'm very happy with them.
And if you'll see here, all I did to the formal living room was add curtains and make this little suitcase table.  I had picked up the legs from an old neighbor's scrap wood pile on the side of the road waiting to be picked up by the trash.  I knew they'd come in handy.  :)  The suitcase was my Gramma's.  Michael said, "Are you sure you want to drill into it?"  I said, "Gramma would probably think it was cool."  :)  My sewing machine is housed in there.

Since I only did one thing to the den (or informal living room), I thought I'd include it on this post, too.  Michael had wanted to put our old mirror back in our room, which I thought was a good idea.  So that left me with the chance to get a new mirror for the mantel.  Yay!  Where did I turn but to the store that never disappoints...Pier 1.

Okay, one more minor change to the den - sort of.  This is on our stairway, and it was driving me crazy.  Before we got our floors put in, there was ugly white and ivy tile up on this landing.  So when they did the floors, I had them do this little area, too.  Our router and whatnot is there on the  landing since it's the best spot in the house for reception, and yes, it's SO ugly!  So I hid it and added a cute little painting with a barn window frame.  I want to do more with it, but it's a start - and that's what's important. ;)  I'm thinking even just adding a fern here would be nice.

That's all I got today!  Stay tuned tomorrow, and I'll show you my master bedroom.  It was a pretty big transformation.

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  1. I love everything you've done! Great work. And, I agree Pier 1 never disappoints.


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