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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Week: Day 3

Well, it's Sunday, Day 3 of Project Week, and I've been sick since yesterday afternoon.  :(  I'm seriously so bummed.

On Friday I finished up my shopping for the furniture and decor that I needed.  Then I cleaned out the attic (it was embarrassingly messy and cluttered).  I finished around 10PM and wanted to go to sleep, but Michael and the boys weren't home yet, so I decided to hang the Roman shades in the master bathroom.  After that I was wiped!

If this is my only finished product all week, it would be good.  We can walk in there again!

On Saturday, I woke up with a sore throat and feeling a little sluggish, but I pushed through, assuming it was just allergies.  I cut, sanded, and stained the shelves for the master bedroom.  And I sanded and stained the bathroom mirror frames.  By the time I finished all of that it was 2:00PM, and I was just about to literally fall over, stumbling back into the house in a daze.
I really wished I could have hired a kid $10 to sand all this wood.  This was only about half of it.  It took forever.

I was dirty and smelly and gross, but I changed clothes and plopped into my bed for a nap.  I woke up several times with the chills and aches.  Then I got really bummed because I know that fever means that this won't be something I can just push through; it'll just get worse if I do.

So I got up, took a shower, ate some soup.  I tried to work on something less physically intensive - curtains - but I couldn't get that going.  I was zapped.  So I watched TV for the rest of the night. :(  But it was actually a good thing that I didn't work on the curtains, because now I'm thinking that I want a different color.  

As I lay in bed last night, I was thinking about the curtain color, but I was also thinking about how God is in control.  And while it seems like a cruel joke to let me be sick this week, when I was so excited to get this work behind us, God is still drawing me toward Himself and urging me toward contentment.  "Will you be content even if the curtains never get hung," He asks.  "Will you be content even if you never have time to do the plethora of projects swimming around in your head," He asks again.  "Will you find your contentment in Me and Me alone?"

Yes, Lord!  You're a good and kind Father.  :)


  1. Annie! What A WONDERFUL perspective! I absolutely love this! SOrry you're not feeling well :( Get some rest, and you will, in time, get those curtains hung :)

    Sure love you friend!

    Clementine (It's me.... Jacy :)


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