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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tipsy Tuesday: Traveling with Kids

I knew that traveling with Samuel, who is 6, would have its challenges.  Kids are sick a lot, and even when they're not, they complain a lot.  Well, Samuel got sick the week before we left for Prague, and with all of the travel and go-go-going, he's had a hard time kicking it.

But I definitely knew that was a possibility when I decided to take him.  The name of the game now is


I've heard that when taking kids on a vacation with you, plan to do about half of what you planned.  

We had a tour scheduled today, but we skipped it (thankfully we got a refund) and had a lighter day instead.  On the way back to the hotel he was saying what a great day he had.  His highlights were taking this picture and buying an overpriced puppet.

So whether you're going to Europe or going to the grocery store, your tip today is to remember to have flexibility.  You'll be a lot happier of a person (and the kids will be happier, too).

P.S. This post was more for me than for you.  ;)

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