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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Prague: Getting there and Foreboding Joy

I’m on the last of three very exhausting plane rides, but we’re almost there, and I am very happy.  Friday we flew from DFW to Dulles, while Michael flew to Chicago.  Then we met up in London, although Samuel and I were late for our connecting flight to Prague.  Like a good daddy, Michael waited behind, and now we’re all on the same flight together on our way for an adventure.  We travelled for a total of about 24 hours if you count our layovers and taxi ride to the hotel.  I only slept about 15 minutes (in about 5 minute increments).

Samuel has a 100.3 fever (I guess it came back from lack of sleep), but he’s being a trooper about it.  I’m hoping he can get a good night’s rest and feel better in the morning. 
During our layover at Heathrow, Michael and I were discussing foreboding joy.  That’s this: Yay, we’re going to Prague…but we have to leave poor little Levi and Isaac behind, and what if something happens to someone while we’re all apart? 

Or try this one:  Yay, Samuel’s taking his first international flight….but what if it crashes? 

Or this one:  Yay, we’ll come home to a finished house with stained wood floors….but what if the wood buckles and we have to start all over.
(After Sunday breakfast at Cafe Louvre we decided to keep Samuel home the rest of the day and try Monday as our first tourist day.)
Turns out you’re not crazy if you think like that.  Pretty much everyone has those feelings and thoughts, but it’s what you do with them that matters.  In her book Daring Greatly, Brene Brown, PhD claims that foreboding joy is one of three major deterrents to vulnerability, which she claims is the key to wholeheartedness.

It was timely that he read that because foreboding joy always tends to accompany really cool things in life.  

Can you guess the greatest combatant of foreboding joy?  Gratitude. 

I love that.  Such a great reminder for me while I'm on this trip and Samuel recovers.  

More Prague pics to come!  Just pray for Samuel to get better, pleeeeeease!!!!

P.S. Yes, those are all iPhone pics because guess who forgot to charge her DSLR camera batteries before she went on a little trip to Europe?  


  1. Poor Samuel, praying he's feeling better by morning. Although, he looked pretty great earlier! I think he's at the perfect age to have this wonderful bonding experience with just mom and dad. Sometimes, it seems like the oldest doesn't get as much one on one time, once they're a little older because the little ones are always around. They're the first to go off to school leaving the little ones home with mom, the first out of the house and off to college, etc. This is great for y'all. And, we LOVE getting to bond with our nephews! It's amazing how happy they are over things. Playing Mario Cart with Madi in her "big girl" room, or being the dad while playing family in the backyard playhouse. It's awesome. It fills my heart with gladness that they're so close! And, Levi is adorable wheeling around the house in Grace's roller skates. Holding on to the walls, the couch, just moving from one inanimate object to another to stay on his feet. And when he falls, "I need a little help here." Cracking me up.

    1. He is already feeling better. Michael wanted to take him out this afternoon, but I said no because I want him at 100% tomorrow. And yes, I just love reconnecting with Samuel. I do tend to expect a lot out of him, and being with him without his brothers makes me see him as an individual and not just the big brother. I just love this guy so much!

      I'm so glad the little guys are doing well! Levi is hilarious; you're right! He's my little teenager in a 5 year old body.

  2. John and I were just discussing the children. He said Madi and Gracie are fighting over who gets to take care of Isaac. John says Levi has a sense of humor well beyond his years--he has good timing too. Samuel looks better with the computer. Perhaps he just needed rest and some digital therapy. Sharon you and John and the girls are just angels for taking care of the boys so Samuel and Mom and Dad can have this adventure. Love you all (both here and abroad) , stay safe and have a great time. Mimi


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