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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Project List

A few months ago I started this Housekeeping Notebook, and it's been a lifesaver.  I'm extremely forgetful, but with this I can be a lot more productive because I can write it all down.

Well, my Projects tab is out of control!  Our kitchen remodeling ended up taking a backseat this year because the floors went overbudget.  So we decided just to do a bunch of small stuff instead, which will definitely make a big difference.

Hubs is taking the kids to his mom's for a week in April, and I'm hoping to put a big dent in my list.  Here is the part of the list I'm going to work on between now and the end of April:

  • Get trees trimmed
  • Get crepe myrtles trimmed
  • Mulch and plant flowers and whatnot
  • Make a guest room headboard
  • Make a gallery shelf in dining room
  • Change out gold doorknobs
  • Make curtains for formal living and dining room
  • Make a memory chest for master bedroom
  • Put in a decorative wooden beam in den and kitchen doorway
  • Put in towel racks in boys' bathroom and extra room bath
  • Board and batten or reclaimed wood on kitchen island with spindles 
  • Shorten laundry room counter (measured it wrong to begin with)
  • Craft a Sunburst mirror for master bedroom mantel
  • Replace gold faucets in master bath
  • Replace gold shower in guest bath
  • Put a chalkboard and magnet board in boys' bedroom
  • Wooden shelves for boys' bath
  • Wooden shelves for master bath
  • Install new pulls for drawers and cabinets in kitchen
  • New switch plates for kitchen
  • Frame bathroom mirrors with leftover hardwood
  • Refinish dining room table
  • Refinish kitchen table
  • Upholster wooden bench
  • Get patio furniture
  • Make a gallery wall in upstairs hall/balcony
  • Change kitchen lighting above island
  • Make nightstands for master bedroom
  • Make a coffee table for formal living
  • Make a bookshelf corner in boys' room
Let's see how much I can knock out by April 21!  So yeah, game on.  


  1. Annie, do you have a good tree trimmer? I used Sal's Landscaping after the tornado. They were wonderful and quite reasonable. ~Janis B.

    1. I did find a good one, but thanks! I went with an arborist that someone on my HOA message board recommended. I have a cedar elm that needs TLC, so this guy seems to be good for that.


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