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Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting My Money's Worth Out Of The Bob

I decided today to literally run some errands.  I had to return a couple of things at nearby stores and to buy something at one, so I bundled the boys up and loaded them into the Bob (Duallie Revolution), and I jogged down there instead of driving.

I used to do that all the time when we lived in Arlington.  Remember when my friend compared me to the local bag lady, (with my stroller instead of the grocery cart) always toting my kids and groceries around?  Well, I guess when winter rolled around, I got out of the habit, then we moved, then I got sick, then winter rolled around it does.

Speaking of, last year when I was in Prague in January, mind you, there were women out there with their kids in strollers all bundled up, and guess what...they were fine!  (Saying this more for me than for you.)  As long as you make sure to bundle well, there's no need to stay inside.  Plus, you can promise hot chocolate when you get back. ;)

Anyway, driving around doing errands with my kids is....I'll just say it...kind of a beating.  For one thing, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but getting my kids in and out of the car is such a pain in the butt to me.  It's always a big dramatic mess, so if I leave them in the Bob the whole mess, no fuss.  Secondly, if I time it well, they'll sleep in the Bob the whole time, so it's a win-win.

And if memory proves me correct (as well as My Fitness Pal records), then I think I can safely say that the extra five pounds that I can't seem to get rid of was not a problem when I was running all of my errands.

All that to say, I think I just got inspired again.  ;)  Honk if you see me!

P.S. Next school year I'll be downgrading to a single stroller, so holler if you need a double!  I think used ones run about half of what the retail was.

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