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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tipsy Tuesday: A Blank Slate

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Have you missed my Tipsy Tuesdays?  I sure have.  ;)  Well, here's one for old times' sake.

"How to Create Decorating Inspiration When You're Stumped", "getting inspired to decorate", "decorating from a blank slate", "blank canvas"

I was talking to a friend the other day about her kitchen, and she was saying how she's never really loved her kitchen.  You know how that is, right?  You get to a certain point, and you're like, 'Meh, it'll do.'  Then you wait for inspiration to hit, for the element that will really put it over the edge and make you LOVE it.  And then 6 years goes by in a flash, and you were never really in love with your kitchen.

This friend of mine has had it the same way for years, and it's really hard for her to imagine what she wants.  Well, since I'm in the middle of all these renovations, I was telling her that a HUGE inspiration for me is when I have a blank slate.

I'm actually really excited about packing up the house in a couple of weeks when we get the floors done, because that means I get to totally redecorate my entire house and correct any mistakes that I may have made but didn't have the energy to change.

SOOOOO, if you're feeling stumped, here's my suggestion:
1.  Get a box or a laundry basket or whatever, and just start packing things away.  Take things off the walls, off of shelves, off of the furniture, etc.  Heck, even take the curtains down if you want.  Keep going until it feels clean and blank.   
2.  Keep it that way and don't put anything back for at least 3 days.   
3.  Don't think about the way it was for those 3 days (at least).  But get on Pinterest and make yourself a board for that room and start pinning away for what your DREAM room would look like if cost, time, and energy were not factors.  (P.S. Here's some Pinterest help if you're a newbie.) 
4.  After your at least 3 days are up, then brainstorming on how to start making things a reality starts:

  • Do you like the foundation of the room - the wall colors, the window treatments, the flooring, the furniture, etc?
  • Can you remember what you had on walls and on the furniture before?  What of the things you packed away do you miss?  Why?  What of that stuff are you glad is put away?  Do you need or want to replace any of that stuff?  (Can you sell any of it to recoup the cost of buying a new one?) 
  • What are the overarching themes of the things that you pinned onto your Dream Room Pinterest board?  Would that style fit your lifestyle?  What are some ways that you can implement that style into your home?  
5.  Now go for it! Your plans can be grand or tiny, as long as you get closer to your vision than you were before.  
I'll be doing a LOT of decorating from a blank slate in the coming weeks and months, so I'll keep you posted.  If you want to see all my inspirations, then have a look at my boards.



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  1. thanks for the tips. you have great ideas.


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