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Monday, January 28, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Wall for the Loo

DISCLAIMER #1: I apologize in advance to all of you who just can't stand the sight of a toilet in a photo.  There's was little way around it for this post.  ;)

DISCLAIMER #2:  I never call it a loo, but it just looks cuter than bathroom.

Let me just tell you how excited I am about this project.  I LOVE it!!!  I know these reclaimed wood walls are a bit trendy; I'm just hoping they're not the paneling of yesteryear.  Oh well, if they are.  I still love them.

Okay, so let me show you what it was like before.  Well, sort of.  I plan on showing you all the wonderful before and after pics of the whole bathroom, but this is AFTER we put the tile in and took the wallpaper off and painted.  So don't comment: Oh gosh, I bet you're ready to paint those walls.  ;)

So do any of you have a nineties house with weird ceilings in the bathroom that don't really make sense?  Well, we do, and we have this little loo area with my bar doors that no one likes except for me.

Well, THIS is what I was stuck with for a long time.  Talk about a prison!  Yuck!  The wallpaper even looked dirty.  Oh I'm SO glad to see that gone.  

So then it turned into this.  A nice clean slate - emphasis on clean.

Mandy Jean Chic
So then I saw THIS on Pinterest, and I knew that would be perfect.  So if you want to make your own,  here are a few of my a nutshell.

I used a bunch of scrap wood that a friend gave me, and it was all different colors and lengths.  The only thing that matters, obviously, is that they're all the same thickness.  Measure your wall width, then go to town cutting the length over and over again.  I made a few of them cut in the middle or at random places just for a variety.

It seemed like I was cutting forever, so I measured out the amount of wood that I needed and marked it on the floor of the garage.  As I cut, I would put my pieces down on the floor, and I just kept going until I got to that mark. 

Then, I threw out all of my plans because even the best laid plans will have a wrench thrown in them when the painter can't come when you want him to (I cut the wood before the painter finished), and the plumber will come on a different day than I planned, so I had to do it with the toilet there instead of gone (which turned out to be better because I wouldn't have had clearance behind the tank anyway - CHECK ON THAT BEFORE YOU START).  

I had written the order onto the back of each board, which would have been nice, but it didn't work with the toilet there.  So I just improvised, and it was totally fine.  

I kept going to the top of this wall and didn't mess with the sloped area.  It works best that way because you don't want to see it from the outside since it's behind a doorway.

And this was the finished result.  I LOVE it.  I'll probably hang something on it, like a light wreath, but I'm not concerned with decorating right now through these renovations.  

Wood floors are going in next week - ACK!!!  I'm so happy and excited and ready for the stress.  I hope I can blog along the way.


  1. Love this!!! Great job, lady!

  2. You said that you did it with the toilet there, how did you get the wood behind the toilet?

  3. You said that you had to do this with the toilet in place, how did you get the wood behind the toilet?

    1. I just went around it. You can't tell.

  4. What did you use to attach the wood to the wall?

    1. I nailed it. I'd do it differently today. Would have put long boards into the studs and screwed or nailed into that.


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