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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucky '13

Happy New Year, y'all!  I'm pretty excited about 2013.  As I was journaling about it this morning, I was thinking about making some resolutions, but eh, we all know I need to lose a few pounds and get going with my running.  I'm on it (except for last night when I ate too much).

So I was thinking about the coming year and what my challenges might be and how I might tackle those preemptively.  For instance, we'll be doing some remodeling at various points throughout the year, like the whole month of February we'll be packing, then getting our wood floors in, then cleaning and unpacking - the whole exhausting mess.  And when we did this with our last house I gained 5 pounds!

Having the foreknowledge, however, should mean that I should be able to prevent this.  Sooooo, in January I need to make double the food and freeze the other half to eat in February.  Sounds like it should work, right?

Another major thing that's happening this year is that Levi will be going to kindergarten.  I simply can't believe he's that old already.  It's much more bittersweet than I thought it would be.  I would really like to take advantage of this last Spring with him at home.  Hopefully my health will continue to improve so that he has opportunities to live life away from the front of the TV.  I'll be looking for ways of making this Spring meaningful.

We'll, also, most likely, be getting a high school exchange student next school year.  There are some obvious challenges in that, so I'd like to read up on that whole experience to make her transition into our family as smooth as possible.  I also get to decorate a girl's room - yay!

Anyway, I should get started on breakfast and stop stalling now, but I do hope that you have a few minutes today to think about your coming year and the challenges it might hold.  Jotting down some solutions to those foreseen challenges may prevent some unnecessary stress.  Just puttin' it out there.  ;)

Happy New Year!!

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