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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hitting Reset

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With the new year right around the corner, it seems like a good time to hit the refresh button on some areas of my life.  I guess I started with my hair.  ;) 

I've had every variation of a bob haircut for several years now, and it was just time to try the pixie on for size again. I gotta say, it feels pretty good.  I'll probably start growing it out again after this, but it's definitely fun for now.  Me and Samuel pretty much have exactly the same hair right now.  :-P   Good thing I'm secure in my femininity.  Hehe.

Another reset button I need to push is on my health! I know I'm not original on this one or anything, but man oh man, I sure was a glutton this last couple of months.  It's no surprise that my body feels like crizzapp when I eat that way.  I'm ready to fuel my body with good things again.

Mike Hewitt
I am also going to start jogging again.  My rheumatologist said that my issues were just caused by some crazy, unknown virus, so he wants me to add cardio back into my regimen slowly but surely.  I'm SOOOOOO ready to do that, too.  I'm a little bit hesitant that I'm going to get tired again, but I miss it so much that it's worth the risk.  

Today, Levi was messing around on the Apple TV, and he played the video from when I finished the half marathon at White Rock, and that was all it took.  I want another race so bad I can taste it!  I've decided that the first half of the year I'll work on my speed with shorter races, and then the last half of the year I'll work on distance.  I'm not setting any goals yet until I can see what my body can realistically do.  

So what about you?  Do you have something good for you that you miss so much that it's worth the work and risk?


  1. Love the new hair!

    And... I didn't know that you had been sick and unable to run?! I know how much that means to you from reading your other posts, so I'll be here cheering you on too!

    Merry Christmas, Annie... and Happy New Year, New you too!

    1. I know I already replied to you by email, but I just think you're awesome, Carmella. :) Have y'all read her post yet?

  2. Annie,

    I stumbled upon your blog through...I'm not so sure but I'm sure its through a blog of a blog of a friend or so. But, this is Beth (Rian's old friend-classmate of Michael-hairdresser is also Andrea). I'm kinda a blog stalker...creepy I know! But I love your blog and your craftiness and honesty.

    Also...LOVE the hair! I am too chicken to go that short but seeing yours makes me a little bit more brave!

    Your mystery health issues have me wanting to ask you some questions. I had a similar thing happen to me and no one could really help/give me real treatment...if you would like to talk a little more in depth? feel free to email me at kwazykidd8 at

    If not...that's ok too! Glad things are looking good for you guys!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Of course I remember you, Beth! I'm on my way to email you right now! :) Great hearing from you!

  3. I love the hair! It's super super cute! :)

  4. That style is super cute! How do you blow dry it into this style?

    1. Thanks, IV! I typically blow dry the back downward and straight on, the sides forward, and the top forward and from side to side then straight on for just a sec. Does that help?

  5. That cut is super cute Annie! How do you blow dry it into this style?


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