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Friday, December 21, 2012

3,653 Days of Marriage

Happy Anniversary to my amazing hubby!  

The dried roses that my guests threw were from all of the roses
 that Michael had given me while we were dating. 
Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We got married one week after my college graduation and four days before Christmas. What were we thinking!  In hindsight we should have waited until January, but it was still a very beautiful, Christmas wedding.

In celebration of our 10 years, I want to tell you 10 things I love about my hubs:

1.  He does not care what people think about him.  Sometimes this is a feature, and sometimes it's a bug, but overall it's a feature.  Fear of man can be crippling, but lives free of this!

2.  He lives intentionally.  He makes goals.  He plans for the future.  He reassesses the past. And he lives in the present with purpose.

Married about 6 months at the Garden of the Gods in CO
3.  He's a lifelong learner.  He's constantly thirsty for more information.  If he is curious about a topic, then he researches it.  If he wants to excel at something, then he studies and practices and masters it.

4.  He's just naturally smart.  I'm quite jealous that he has a memory like a steel trap.  Anything he hears or reads, he remembers.  He was born with a natural intellect, and of course he's nurtured it, too.

Reading a story to the boys on the Kindle
5.  He's a really good dad.  He loves his kids so much and parents them with the same intentionality in which he lives his life.  The kids love him to the moon and back, and that speaks to what a great job he's done with them.

6.  He's compassionate.  He has Jesus' heart for people that need some mercy.  He knows that he's been blessed in so many ways, so he wants to give back in proportion to what he's been given.

7.  He's in control of his emotions.  I can be a hothead at times (although I DO work on it), but even when he gets very upset about something, he is able to control himself and talk things out.  I'm really amazed by this and super blessed by it.

8.  He makes me a better person.  He truly wants to see me achieve my goals and dreams and works with me to make those a reality.  It's such a selfless and loving pursuit for him and makes me love him even more.

9.  He's very honest.  I always trust that his answer is really what he's thinking.  He doesn't beat around the bush, and we don't have to play games.

10.  He's committed for the long haul.  I have such security in his love for me and commitment to our family that worrying about it has never even crossed my mind.

I love you, Michael, and I'm so very grateful for every minute of the last 3,653 days.  It's been the best ten years of my whole life.

Happy Anniversary, Babe.  

We haven't aged a bit, have we?  Psh, lol.


  1. Leap year adds a day every 4 years so actually it is 3652 days of marriage.

    You are welcome.


    1. Oh shoot. Adam came up with that number. Whatever! Y'all get the point. :-P


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