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Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a Little Health Update

I made this appointment with the rheumatolgist two long months ago, and it finally came today.  Long story short, I most likely don't have an auto-immune disease!  Yay!

They're redoing my blood work to see if they can find anything else out (could have been a false positive on my original blood work), and I'll get those results in three weeks.  Then he wants to see me again in another six months.

As to the cause of my symptoms, they said that sometimes it could just be viral, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that that's what it was!  (I forgot to tell him about when I played with mercury when I was a kid.)

I am just so relieved that he's not worried about it.  I'm almost certain that God was testing me in this season of my life.  I think He wanted to see if I'd still love Him and trust Him even if I got the rug pulled out from under me.  Did I really believe that He's good ALL the time?


  1. Glad to hear all is well. Funny that you post this because today I prayed "God, use me- I want to wreak your love"..soon after I thought- oh gosh..but don't use me in "that" kinda of matter. Scary. But then again I know it's His plan and there is a reason for I trust that.

  2. You will have to tell me all about it when I come up.
    love you sweetie
    Aunt Diane

  3. Thankful for your POSITIVE answers to prayer... and yes, thankful for a GOD that delivers with consistency and certainty. He knows what He is bringing it when He does :)

  4. Very glad all is well! John and I seem to have some viral something or other going on. (Very technical medical terminology)
    We've been in the dumps for several weeks and I keep getting the stomach bug on/off every couple of weeks. Glad you're feeling better too. Just in time to host the holiday gatherings! ;)


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