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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Mom in Hindsight

I told you how I'm doing this bible study called Seasons, and this morning in our group discussion there was a question for all of the older moms.  If I felt like going out to my car to get my book I could tell you word for word, but I'll give you the gist of it...

"super mom" "comparison is the thief of joy"
She asked, with the advantage of hindsight, what would you tell younger moms about enjoying their current season of life (or something to that effect)?

My sweet group leader said, "You know, I look at all of you young moms today, and you just think you have to do it all and be Super Mom."  And she never said, "But DON'T!!" because she's much too sweet for that, but it was implied.

All the other ladies said pretty much the same thing, "Why did I try to do so much?" "Leave the cupcake making up to the ones that are good at it, and bring the store-bought ones."

And when we really get honest...."Don't try to live up to everyone's expectations."  "Say no to keeping up with the Joneses!"  Not that you don't do that, and I don't either...ahem...but I just thought I'd pass along the message.  ;)

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  1. So true...stop and smell the roses...they bloom for a time and then they are gone...seasons of life indeed.
    Love you,
    Aunt Diane


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