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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Happened and What's Next

Hello my friends.  I've been a bit absent from my bloggy blog lately. I've been a bit in my head, kwim? It started when I got sick, and I was a bit depressed that I was sick, so that always gets me taking inventory of my life.

All I did was lay around all day thinking about all of the things that weren't getting done, and I had no energy whatsoever to do anything about it.  Then I started feeling better, and I felt like there wasn't enough time in the day to get the immense task list completed.  (Pretty sure everyone can relate.)  So I had the energy back (well, most of it), but I still wasn't happy.

Then it hit me as I began to resent Pinterest.  In the words of a wise, funny, charming blogger, "Stop pinning and start doing!"  Yep, I had been sucked into the vortex of worshiping what happened already and what's next.  Let me explain.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, et. al. all get you freaking out about missing something.  God forbid I miss the news that Sally went grocery shopping!  God forbid I miss that funny meme on Pinterest that will be all over Facebook in no time.  God forbid I miss that perfect craft on Pinterest that's going to make my life perfect!  

Well, I don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow or next week or next year, but right now I don't want to worship what already happened and what's next.  I want to be in the present.  I want to do what I'm passionate about, whatever it be in that moment, and do it with laser focus, not distracted by all of the nonsense that I feel like is so important.

Even God said that He is the Great I Am who was and is and is to come.  But He didn't say that He's the Great I Was or the Great I'm Going To Be.  He said, "I Am," present tense.  Right now is important.  It's all we've got!    

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  1. Amen! You beat me to a post like this! You said it better than I could...thanks for this on a stressful Monday morning.


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