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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful and Content

You may not have noticed, but I've been MIA lately.  My computer crashed AGAIN!  This was the fourth time in three months.  Needless to say, we're moving back to Apple products.  Why we ever left is beyond me.  My new MacBook Pro is was shipped today - oh joy and elation!!!

In other news, the two little ones had their first day of school today, and without coming out and saying it, their teachers pretty much told me that my boys were their favorites.  Exaggerating?  Me?  It's possible, but I'm still just so happy.  I'm thankful for well-behaved children (at least when they're with other people).  I know that some parents can do everything right, and their kids still  have behavior problems, but I'm just so grateful that God decided that I couldn't handle that ('cause I can't).

So you wanna see a few pictures from my birthday?  It was pretty awesome.  

First, my older two kept drawing me picture after picture.  They were just too sweet.  This first one is all the guys with faux-hawks, and just in case you couldn't tell who is who, the initials were strategically placed on the shirts.

My 4 year old drew this next one.  We're on a rocket ship, of course.  I don't know what the letters are supposed to spell, but he likes making up spellings a lot.

And my 6 year old again made this next one.  Now whose day wouldn't be brightened by that?  I tell ya; I sure love those little guys.

Then we went to eat Mexican food at this awesome place on the square that's in an old house.  It was San Antonio style, just like I like!  Then, since that wasn't quite enough calories, we went and had dessert at another place on the square.  Hypocrite?  Yes, just a little.  But the kids were really wanting birthday cupcakes, and how could I resist those little faces?  (They got gelato instead.)

Isaac was in a bit of a mood, but it doesn't phase us like it did with the first two.  We just let him have his mood and move on.


Levi was the last to finish, so we had some sweet time while the other guys got the car.  This guy!

If that wasn't cool enough, we did a little open-air shopping.

I am really super in love with our new town.  I couldn't be happier here. 

THEN, if all of that wasn't enough, my sweet friends came over for wine and desserts later that evening, and we had a favorite things party.  Loved it!  

It was a perfect birthday, and I am so blessed to have 33 years of a healthy life.  Life is so precious, y'all.  You just don't know what the future holds.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Annie!

  2. Oh, how sweet!! It looks like you had an awesome birthday!! I just celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and there is something about birthdays when your kids are old enough to know :) and then they ask things like, " hey mom, we should take you to chuck-e-cheese for your birthday!!" hmmm.... It is my birthday, right?? Hehehe hugs to you! So happy you are loving the new town!

  3. Looks like you celebrated a great birthday! Love your kids' drawings.

  4. I loved all of my kids drawings (wink wink) :) that I still have mine :)


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