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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Decorating Hiatus

So remember when I used to harp on the teachings of the great Dave Ramsey all the time?  Well, yeah, still doing it.  Michael and I had felt ourselves about to backslide a little, so we decided to lead another FPU (Financial Peace University) at our current church to get our butts back into gear.  It really helped to reenergize our focus.

It's so easy to get into a newer, bigger house and think that we NEED a whole bunch of stuff, so much so that we'd be willing to go into debt over it.  Well, that's not happening because the truth is, we already have everything we need plus some!  Last I checked, none of us Hedgies are starving or naked.

Well, we really want wood floors, real ones, not this cardboard nonsense that the previous owners put in our front rooms.  So we saved up, and we're getting them in January (a month that we get a 5% discount because it's slow for our favorite flooring company - ooh, that should be a Tipsy Tuesday).

That means that we'll have to basically move again.  Everything will go into boxes and into our garage, attic, or a POD that our neighbors will just love sitting out in our driveway.  And we'll have to be out of the house for 3 to 3 1/2 weeks.

Therefore, I am taking this time to go on a decorating hiatus.  I don't see any sense in doing anything else to the house if I'm just going to have to undo it soon anyway.  I'm grateful, too.  I can focus on getting the bare necessities done!

The one thing I am going to do before the carpet is pulled up is paint the bedrooms since I won't have to use drop cloths.  Let me tell is going to feel SOOOOO good to splatter paint all over this cheap, crappy carpet.  SOOO good.

Here's to breathing room.  Ahhhh, feels nice. 

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