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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Bedroom Cheap Makeover Plans

As it currently stands, my guest bedroom looks like this.
It’s okay, but I do admit that it’s pretty slapped together.  It pretty much just has the odds and ends and leftovers from the rest of the house.  I was sitting in there today looking around, and I came up with a plan to spruce it up without spending a lot.
I hate the color in there, so a richer color will add a lot of character.  The headboard will definitely be a focal point and conversation piece.  The curtains will add height and contrast.  And the fan updo is just a necessity.

I already have paint, and I can get reclaimed wood for free from Craig’s List.  So unless I have to buy extra paint, I’m thinking that I could get away with spending less than $40 for a whole new look for this room. 
Stay tuned!

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