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Friday, August 10, 2012

Do your thing

I was on the elliptical today at the gym, and I was watching the people in one of those classes that require lots of steps and synchronization.  What I like to do when I watch them is to spot the “Annie” in the class.  That’s the person that is usually a few beats behind the rest of the class, facing a different direction than everyone else, arms are raised when everyone else’s aren’t, and whose feet look like they weigh about 20lbs each.   

Today it happened to be an early teen boy.  He was the ‘Annie’ in the class – poor kid. 

That’s why I don’t go to those classes, though.  I just don’t like them because I’m not good at them.  Now that’s not to say that I never do anything I’m not good at.  Sometimes that’s required in life, but if it makes the difference between going to the gym or not, by all means,

do what you’re good at! 

Now yoga – ah yoga – that’s my thing.  That’s my show-off class.  I’m not usually the best in the room, but I sure do try.  It doesn’t even give me the calorie burn that I desire, but whew it heals my body!  LOVE.IT.  Especially right now while I’m in marathon training, yoga is a great cross-training exercise.

All that to say – I don’t think people should worry so much about what they do.  All or nothing people like myself want to find the perfect thing that will make their bodies into machines, and then they don’t like it for one reason or the other and stop entirely.  But doing any movement at all is better than giving up on exercise because it’s not perfect.

The hubs thing right now is mountain biking.  He loves it, so I totally support that (even when it’s inconvenient).  The kids like swimming and X-box Kinnect Sports, so I let them play that and we swim often.  I just want us moving. 

What do you do to move??

This is hilarious, btw....


  1. My mom told me about 'Just Dance' so I bought it for PS3. It's a great workout, and fun!

  2. I could totally see you doing that! I tried the dance part of my Xbox game "Your Shape", and I was so awful at it. I was doing the very basic level, and I was feeling all cool. Then I tried to go to the next level, and it was embarrassing for my family to witness it. Ha!


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