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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good-bye Little Car

When Michael and I had only been dating a couple of months, he graduated college and bought a new car.  I was there, and his mom took an awkward picture of the two of us in front of it.  (Ann, do you still have that?)  Then he found a job, and just a couple of weeks later, 9-11 happened and no one was finding jobs in his industry.  So he pretty much lucked out.  (He admits that, in hindsight, he should have bought used - live and learn.)

Anywho, it was a 2001 Honda Civic, and we went on all of our dates in that car, and we drove all over Texas in that car.  This pic was from the Dublin Dr. Pepper plant on a detour to one of our many San Antonio trips.  nugrape
We drove to Colorado for two weeks when we were married for 6 months in that car to go to the Summit
We drove to Marfa, TX for my job in that car when I was 8 months pregnant.  I drove Paul Thomas Anderson around Dallas in that car.  He laughed at the image of a short pregnant woman speeding through Dallas traffic.  I keep waiting for him to write that into one of his movies, but I have only seen about 4 movies since I’ve had kids, so I wouldn’t know.

We brought our first two kids home in that car. 
And I just discovered that we didn’t get a picture of that for Levi.  Whoops!  (You’ll need to get used to that, Levi – and Isaac.)

I went to San Antonio with my BFF for my 30th birthday in that car and forgot which parking garage we parked at downtown.7529_577215134334_1329967_n
It had been through several fender benders (only one of which was with Michael) and one awful hail storm that made us regret taking away its full coverage insurance.
After I spent about 4 hours cleaning it, we put it on Craig’s List and sold it two days later.  We said our goodbyes. 
And then we realized that if you have that many memories in one single car, you’ve had it for way too long.  Lesson learned.


  1. ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE!!! NEW FOLLOWER...thru Texas Bloggers! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me back! We Texas gals gotta stick together!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  2. I remember when Michael got that car! Oh my gosh. Has it been that long ago?

  3. It is a fine little car--love the picture of Michael and Levi and Isaac in the car. What a great bunch of memories...thanks for sharing. Ann

  4. Gosh, this makes me think of all the memories in the car my husband and I have together now. Great post.. almost makes ya sad to see it go! My Dad had a convertible Fiat when I was a kid that finally died and he gave it away to goodwill-- my mom and I hated that car b/c it sat and seemed like junk but he had so many memories in it-- it was hard to let it go-- now that I"m older, I wish he had never gotten rid of it- b/c it was actually cool and could be restored-- but I guess the idea is to move on and upward! New follower & Texas Blogger :)

  5. I would have still had my little car if they hadn't totalled it. But now I have a pretty new used suv (something that I have needed for awile with my desire to do flowers on the side.

  6. Honda's are great cars. That's awesome that your car sold so quickly. Thank so much for stopping by my blog, Annie!


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