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Thursday, July 5, 2012


gobza_iab_MediumRectangleSo y’all know that I don’t really advertise much on this blog.  I really just blog for fun.  Plus, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to “get in on this now” type of things, so honestly, I didn’t pay much attention at first when I heard about Gobza.  But then my good friend, Kingdom Mama invited me to join. She was one of the first people to hear about it because one of the creators is a client of hers.  So she was the first person in her state to sign up.  She gave me a link to this article that got me pretty excited about it.
In short, the article said: is a revolutionary advertising platform where businesses advertise for free, non-profits raise money at no cost and shoppers get what they want, when they want it, for less.
It’s launching in Texas first, what what, in August of this year.  And it’s actually launching in San Antonio, Austin, and Waco before DFW (shout-out to my south Texans).
The best way that I came up with to describe it is that it’s kind of like a free Groupon that is searchable.  So the businesses don’t pay for the advertising, and you don’t get an annoying daily email.  You just search for the deal that you want.  Pretty cool, huh?

You sign up for it with a special link (to connect you to the person that invited you), and then you get your own link to invite your friends.  Then if someone buys something through your link, you get a percentage of the sale. 

So here’s my big pitch:
Just sign up; what can it hurt? 

There’s no fee, no selling your information, etc.  So why not?  I don’t know if it’s going to make me or you a lot of money or not, but it would certainly suck to miss out on it if it could.

And dude, if you have a business, you definitely need to sign up!  Who couldn’t use free advertising.  They’ve already lined up some pretty big businesses, but they’re also offering their free advertising to small businesses, non-profits, and individuals

Here are a few of the FAQs that were of interest to me from Gobza’s website:

How is this different from Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a system for selling goods through a network of people who become distributors of that product. Our Connectors are not distributors and they do not sell a product. You already tell others about products or services you love. When a transaction occurs on Gobza between people that you connected to Gobza, we reward you for spreading the word.
How is my GobzaOffer listed?
You choose the category you want your GobzaOffer listed under. By default, under each category, GobzaOffers are listed geographically by their value to the shopper. Highest value is listed first. Shoppers can choose to sort differently after the default is shown if they choose.
How does the money flow?
The shopper pays Gobza a small percentage for the GobzaOffer. The businesses pay Gobza nothing to advertise their GobzaOffer 24/7/365. The shopper pays the business upon redemption. Gobza pays the connector(s) of the business and shopper a commission for connecting them to Gobza.

Pretty cool, huh?  So do me a favor and sign up and tell everyone else to, too!!



    How do I receive my commission payments?

    We process all payments through PayPal. On the 15th of every month, if your commission total is $100 or greater, you‘ll receive an email from us asking for your PayPal email address for immediate payment. If you've already received one commission payment from us, additional payments will be made on the 15th of every month when the amount owed is $100 or greater.



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