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Friday, June 1, 2012

Big House Responsibilities

Just wanted to stop in and say I'm still alive.  I've still been thinking about changing my blog name since I don't live in Arlington anymore.  Just gotta come up with the name now.  It won't be connected to my city this time.

I have also been so busy with this big ol' house. :-P  Those of you with big houses are probably rolling your eyes at me like, 'Duh, honey,' but I really didn't know what a big responsibility having a big house is.  It's not only the cleaning, but it's managing everything else.  I went from having a 1,382 square foot house with a cleaning lady, lawn service, and no pool, to a 2,930 square foot house with a pool and no cleaning lady or lawn service or pool service.  There is also a learning curve with all these newer-house things, like the sprinkler system, pool, larger A/C system, more complicated landscaping, etc.

Don't take all this the wrong way, though.  I'm totally not complaining; I swear!  I love my new house and neighborhood, and I am SO glad we moved.  I'm just super busy with getting the hang of everything.  I'm sure I'll get it soon.  When we moved into our first house after living in apartments, our grass almost completely died and was covered with weeds for the first year.  But after we got the hang of things, it was fine, and dare I say - nice.  I'm just being stretched now, but it's really good.

This week I've been busy shopping for new living room furniture.  That will be my first before and after post.  I'm super excited about it.  Putting this old furniture in this newer, freshly painted house with white carpet was humbling.  Haha!  The furniture looked so dirty and gross in this fresh, crisp room.  If I can finish the laundry today, I'm going to pick up some of the pieces.

I went to Ethan Allen yesterday just to look around and get ideas (it's unfortunately yet obviously not in my budget to shop there), and a designer was helping me (while I was all sweaty and gross from jogging and had two kids in the Bob - I felt so classy), so I showed him this picture of my living room....
....and in his South American, designer voice he said, "You can agree with me that none of this is working, right?"  Ummm, hello, wake-up call!  So this is officially my Before picture.  Stay tuned for an After coming soon!!!


  1. Annie, I went from a smaller house to a larger one and remember being overwhelmed with cleaning. I haven't had a cleaning service (sounds amazing!) but I was given a Roomba (vacuuming robot) helps a lot. At least I don't have to spend my time vacuuming (and I named her Fifi, so now I have a french maid).

    The new house is gorgeous and I am sure it will feel more like home soon. Congrats!

  2. Ooooo...I love before & afters. Looking forward to it!

  3. I know how you feel moving into a larger house is a little over whelming, to say the least. We don't get to choose the square footage of the military housing we get so it is a surprise each time we move. But, I am sure you will adapt, it will just take time :)
    Can't wait to see the before and after pix. That to me is the BEST part about moving, buying new things for the new place.


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