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Monday, April 23, 2012

My First World Problem

As you may know, my current house is teeny-tiny, and our new house is…not.  And I’m the opposite of a clutter-bug, so I’ve always tried to keep my furniture to a minimum – only what is absolutely necessary (give or take).

So I was on Facebook today bemoaning the fact that our new house will be barren for a while before we are able to start filling it with furniture.  My brother-in-law posted this in response:
"new house", "buying a new house", "upgrading house", "buying furniture
Ahaha!  It’s definitely a first world problem.  Poor me, right?  Smile with tongue out

I did make my first furniture purchase tonight – a kitchen table and chairs from a girl selling on Craig’s List (my pet peeve is when people say, “I bought it from Craig’s List,” – Craig’s list is not a store).  75 bucks!  It’s a super cute set, too.

My success on this purchase encouraged me in my massive frugality superpowers.  Like many of us SAHMs, I can find the deals.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 
I almost bought this nightstand that was all cute and painted and retro but updated, and then I was like, “Whatever, I can totally do that myself for next to nothing.”  Win!

Anyway, I’ll be stalking Craig’s List and shopping for sales and garage saling for a while.  And by “a while”, I mean like a long time.  I’m not planning on going on a shopping spree any time soon, but that’s part of the fun of it – searching for the bargain, finding the best fit for the space, waiting for something with personality.

I still need:
  • two new sofas (we’ll wait on one until the kids stop wiping their snot on it before replacing this one)
  • arm chairs
  • a double or queen size bed
  • three twin beds
  • two or three night stands for the boys
  • two night stands for us
  • a sofa table (still want to make one)
  • a coffee table (still want to make one)
  • a piano (Samuel will start lessons soon – probably won’t try to make that)
  • a TV stand (I still can’t bring myself to put it over the fireplace mantel – I’ve never had a fireplace mantel, and it’s too special to defile with a TV.  Ask me in 6 months where it is, though.)
  • a computer desk
  • rugs (Tuesday Morning has great deals on these)
  • fire escape ladders (it’s a two-story)
  • lawnmower and weed eater
  • baby gates for staircase
  • almost all new faucets (to replace the gaudy gold ones)
  • all new door handles (to replace the gaudy gold ones)
  • refrigerator
  • electric downdraft cooktop (a little bummed I can’t cook on gas anymore, but then I can just remind myself that everything else is pretty awesome)
  • curtains/window treatments (had to research how to treat tall windows – never lived in a two-story)
  • mudroom armoire by front door (we’ll have white carpet, unfortunately)
Then there are the house projects I want to do, but those are long term things – like over the course of many years.
  • put hardwood in the downstairs living areas and dining room
  • paint living room (doing this before we move in because of the high ceilings)
  • paint master bedroom
  • tile master bathroom
  • tile downstairs bathroom
  • molding for stairwell
  • safe room under stairs (necessity in tornado alley)
  • paint office
  • paint boys' bathroom
  • paint boys' bedroom
  • replace shower doors (hideous gold trim)
  • wall treatment for living room
But you know how it goes.  Most homes are always a work in progress.  I’m actually extremely excited about all of the projects.  I live for stuff like that.

So if you were thinking about moving, do those lists dissuade you at all?  Haha.  I’m still super excited.  I can’t wait to close on both houses.  I really want to start my project mode madness.  Smile with tongue out


  1. Oh my... and empty house is my DREAM! I used to work in interior design and so, a clean palette to work with would be AWESOME! I love projects too.... don't worry if some rooms are empty or aren't updated quickly... that's the whole fun of the process!!

    Eager to see how it all turns out :)

    CONGRATS Annie!

  2. Spray paint the gold door knobs, for a cheaper fix.


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