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Friday, April 13, 2012

House Update & M&M Idiot

Just to give you a little update, we have a contract on our house!  The inspection was Wednesday, but the out-of-state buyer still hasn’t seen the house.  She’s only seen pictures, so on Sunday she’s flying in to see it, and the option period ends on Monday.  SO on Tuesday we plan on seeing a ton of houses while the kids are in school and Isaac is being babysat by a dear friend. 

So why was I an M&M idiot again, you might ask?  Well, I don’t normally keep candy in the house for this very reason, but I accidentally bought one bag of Easter candy too much. 

This pic has nothing to do with the post, but isn't he just too cute?!

So this whole time we have been talking about moving to the Grapevine-Colleyville area, one that we have both always loved.  Well, Michael threw in a whole new city on me, Coppell, which is great and has even better schools, but it’s also further from his work and I know next to nothing about it. 

BUT I totally understand that it’s a big decision and we don’t want to limit our options.  It is really a good idea to broaden our scope.  But the whole idea stressed me out so much!  Enter extra bag of M&M’s.  Why do I eat when I’m stressed?!  Why can’t I be like those two or three people on earth that actually don’t eat when they’re stressed or go work out? 

Okay, so anyway, I’m at a block with blog topics.  Are there any topics that you think might interest you that I might be able to write about?  My friend Misti told me that I should do a post of all of my different hairstyles – haha!  There’ve been a lot!  What else??


  1. Oh I can't imagine anything being wrong on the inspection. You guys have upgraded that house with professional labor (including the JB tiling) at every turn. I'm sure the agent would have called you if anything was wrong.
    You know what you want in a home and will eventually fine it.
    David and I bought this house when Michael was 6 months old. We had three little boys in a two bedroom house on Paxton. We looked and looked and the houses that were bigger that we could afford were all in east Arlington--we wanted to stay with the Hill, Bailey Arlington High schools. Then one day this one popped up in the want ads as a FSBO--we had a real estate friend who did the paperwork for $1 for us and we were off to the races. Looking back I'm so glad we waited and got the bigger house on the side of town we wanted. I know you'll find the perfect house, it IS out there. Love you guys, Mimi

  2. I have a special affinity for Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter time. It's terrible, but they are so good so I have to buy a couple of bags every year. I end up eating them for breakfast.


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