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Monday, April 30, 2012

Delusion and My Cooking

I asked y’all what kinds of posts I should write, and a lot of you said that you wanted to see more cooking posts, particularly healthifying recipes.  But let me tell you why I haven’t brought myself to do that just yet. 

You see, we have had a dear family member (who will remain nameless, but you know I love you) over for dinner many times, and this person never finishes his/her plate.  S/he claims that it will be finished later if allowed to take it home in a to-go container.  I thought nothing of it because I do tend to dole out large portions, although it’s never more than I have on my plate (I just like to eat).  healthifying, "healthy cooking",
So Michael and I were joking about how this person always says they’re full when we know they just don’t like my cooking but would never admit to it, and lo and behold, that very night s/he did the same thing, confirming our suspicion! 

So then we had my friend from high school, Shane, over for dinner.  And what did he do but the exact same thing!  He very slowly ate half of his plate in more time than it took me to wolf down my entire plate.  Then he asked for a  doggie bag to take the rest for lunch the next day.  He claims that he really did eat it for lunch, but it’s all very suspect to me.

All that to say, I seriously doubt the accuracy of my husband’s claims that I’m a good cook, and I even doubt my own ability in the determination of such a claim.  Perhaps I try too hard to healthify things to the detriment of taste.  Perhaps I’ve trained mine and Michael’s tastebuds toward a certain taste that isn’t as palatable to the general public.  Whatever the case, perhaps I should just lay off the healthifying when company is over. 


  1. Well I think you should post those fab recipes here ;) and don't not make them because you have company.... That's the beauty of all of us being different right?? If you and your family like it, share it!!!!! We might too ;)

  2. You can make both healthy and unhealthy dishes. :)

    - Esther

  3. If you invited me over I promise to eat every bite :) Hope you are well friend!!

  4. I agree I think you should post those healthy recipes and let us be the judge. As a healthy eater I would love to hear how you healthify your meals and learn some of your tips. There will always be people who don't like things, you can't let that stop you. The greatest judge of how good your cooking is, is Michael and apparently he loves it!

  5. Dear Annie--the family has been asking me why I don't like your cooking! Everyone assumes your dear family member is me so here is my explanation. AS you know, I work as a hospice nurse from MN to 8 a.m. 5 nights a week--I get home around 8:30 or 9 then I eat some cereal for breakfast. I sleep. When I wake up around 3 or 4 p.m. I eat a light lunch, some nuts, a sandwich or something. If I have dinner with you guys its usually 5p to 6p so I'm not very hungry but I never turn down a chance to spend time around the diner table with you and Michael and my angel- boy grandchildren. I usually eat something before I go to work and then take a sandwich to eat mid-shift around 4 a.m. I hope you see it as a compliment that I asked to take my food with me, it is good and nourishing and change of pace from what I usually have. I like your "healthyfied" food--salads, baked fries, chicken, beans and whatever else you make.
    Now if the anonymous family member is not me then OOPS--ignore the preceding paragraph. Just know my dear Annie that you take wonderful care of my grandchildren and you make Michael very happy; and that makes you aces in my book no matter what you cook. Share your recipes, I use some of them myself, the baked fries and kale are especially good!! Love you, Ann (Annie's mother-in-law for those of you whom I don't yet know)

    1. Ahaha, I do hope that you took my post as a bit tongue in cheek. I'm often humbled, so to recognize that my cooking is an acquired taste isn't the worst thing. It's actually good to know, like knowing that I should never bake muffins for the kids' sports teams anymore (we went home with all of them). But I believe you. ;) I was just having a little fun giving you a hard time. Hehe. {{Hugs}}

  6. Oh good because I thought that until several people ask me about it and just in case you were serious I thought I ought to explain myself. I just had a delicious homemade tortilla warmed with butter at your house tonight--so good. {{Hugs right back at you}}
    P.S. I had a wonderful time with the boys today while you did your PTA work today at Hill. That was the bonus round!!


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