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Monday, April 30, 2012

Delusion and My Cooking

I asked y’all what kinds of posts I should write, and a lot of you said that you wanted to see more cooking posts, particularly healthifying recipes.  But let me tell you why I haven’t brought myself to do that just yet. 

You see, we have had a dear family member (who will remain nameless, but you know I love you) over for dinner many times, and this person never finishes his/her plate.  S/he claims that it will be finished later if allowed to take it home in a to-go container.  I thought nothing of it because I do tend to dole out large portions, although it’s never more than I have on my plate (I just like to eat).  healthifying, "healthy cooking",
So Michael and I were joking about how this person always says they’re full when we know they just don’t like my cooking but would never admit to it, and lo and behold, that very night s/he did the same thing, confirming our suspicion! 

So then we had my friend from high school, Shane, over for dinner.  And what did he do but the exact same thing!  He very slowly ate half of his plate in more time than it took me to wolf down my entire plate.  Then he asked for a  doggie bag to take the rest for lunch the next day.  He claims that he really did eat it for lunch, but it’s all very suspect to me.

All that to say, I seriously doubt the accuracy of my husband’s claims that I’m a good cook, and I even doubt my own ability in the determination of such a claim.  Perhaps I try too hard to healthify things to the detriment of taste.  Perhaps I’ve trained mine and Michael’s tastebuds toward a certain taste that isn’t as palatable to the general public.  Whatever the case, perhaps I should just lay off the healthifying when company is over. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

My First World Problem

As you may know, my current house is teeny-tiny, and our new house is…not.  And I’m the opposite of a clutter-bug, so I’ve always tried to keep my furniture to a minimum – only what is absolutely necessary (give or take).

So I was on Facebook today bemoaning the fact that our new house will be barren for a while before we are able to start filling it with furniture.  My brother-in-law posted this in response:
"new house", "buying a new house", "upgrading house", "buying furniture
Ahaha!  It’s definitely a first world problem.  Poor me, right?  Smile with tongue out

I did make my first furniture purchase tonight – a kitchen table and chairs from a girl selling on Craig’s List (my pet peeve is when people say, “I bought it from Craig’s List,” – Craig’s list is not a store).  75 bucks!  It’s a super cute set, too.

My success on this purchase encouraged me in my massive frugality superpowers.  Like many of us SAHMs, I can find the deals.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 
I almost bought this nightstand that was all cute and painted and retro but updated, and then I was like, “Whatever, I can totally do that myself for next to nothing.”  Win!

Anyway, I’ll be stalking Craig’s List and shopping for sales and garage saling for a while.  And by “a while”, I mean like a long time.  I’m not planning on going on a shopping spree any time soon, but that’s part of the fun of it – searching for the bargain, finding the best fit for the space, waiting for something with personality.

I still need:
  • two new sofas (we’ll wait on one until the kids stop wiping their snot on it before replacing this one)
  • arm chairs
  • a double or queen size bed
  • three twin beds
  • two or three night stands for the boys
  • two night stands for us
  • a sofa table (still want to make one)
  • a coffee table (still want to make one)
  • a piano (Samuel will start lessons soon – probably won’t try to make that)
  • a TV stand (I still can’t bring myself to put it over the fireplace mantel – I’ve never had a fireplace mantel, and it’s too special to defile with a TV.  Ask me in 6 months where it is, though.)
  • a computer desk
  • rugs (Tuesday Morning has great deals on these)
  • fire escape ladders (it’s a two-story)
  • lawnmower and weed eater
  • baby gates for staircase
  • almost all new faucets (to replace the gaudy gold ones)
  • all new door handles (to replace the gaudy gold ones)
  • refrigerator
  • electric downdraft cooktop (a little bummed I can’t cook on gas anymore, but then I can just remind myself that everything else is pretty awesome)
  • curtains/window treatments (had to research how to treat tall windows – never lived in a two-story)
  • mudroom armoire by front door (we’ll have white carpet, unfortunately)
Then there are the house projects I want to do, but those are long term things – like over the course of many years.
  • put hardwood in the downstairs living areas and dining room
  • paint living room (doing this before we move in because of the high ceilings)
  • paint master bedroom
  • tile master bathroom
  • tile downstairs bathroom
  • molding for stairwell
  • safe room under stairs (necessity in tornado alley)
  • paint office
  • paint boys' bathroom
  • paint boys' bedroom
  • replace shower doors (hideous gold trim)
  • wall treatment for living room
But you know how it goes.  Most homes are always a work in progress.  I’m actually extremely excited about all of the projects.  I live for stuff like that.

So if you were thinking about moving, do those lists dissuade you at all?  Haha.  I’m still super excited.  I can’t wait to close on both houses.  I really want to start my project mode madness.  Smile with tongue out

Thursday, April 19, 2012

House Staging for Dummies

These rules are certainly not exhaustive, but they were inspired from a recent marathon house-hunting day.

Rule #1:

If it’s April, then it’s probably a good idea to switch your wreath out.

"home staging", "house staging", "house staging tips", "home staging tips", "house hunting", "bad home staging"

Rule #2:

If it’s April, then it’s probably equally a good idea to switch out the Christmas table setting for something a little more…not Christmas. 

"home staging", "house staging", "house staging tips", "home staging tips", "house hunting", "bad home staging"

Rule #3:

Tuck cords away neatly, instead of making it look like you don’t want someone to buy your house.

"home staging", "house staging", "house staging tips", "home staging tips", "house hunting", "bad home staging"

Rule #4:

If you must have your clothes hanging to dry, hide them away in a closet, not out in the middle of the hallway.  And for crying out loud, put your underwear through the dryer – do they really need to line dry?  They’re cotton, dude.

"home staging", "house staging", "house staging tips", "home staging tips", "house hunting", "bad home staging"

Rule #5:

Get rid of your cats.  Sorry cat-lovers, but it’s true.  Those cats will cost you.  We walked into this one house a few weeks ago that I wanted to turn around immediately when we opened the door.  The house appeared clean, but non-cat owners can smell it right away.

House hunting news soon to come!  I’m very excited about what’s on the horizon. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hair-Roundup: My Short Hair Styles

I have pretty fine hair that’s extremely straight, so ever since I was 15 I have kept my hair in some sort of a bob haircut.  There was that brief time that I had a pixie cut in college and then when I grew it out for Michael (hate to say that most guys like long hair).  He admitted it wasn’t all that great long, so I ditched it.  I have the type of hair that extensions were invented for.  On the rare occasion that it cooperated, it would do this…"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
…but for the most part it looked like this…
"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
…I know, right.  Bleh!

So then I met Andrea, and my hair life started looking way up!  Finding a good hair dresser is right up there on the list of things that every girl wants.  N’est-ce pas?

In no particular order....and scrounged from the very few pictures of me that actually exist since I take most of the photos (I know you mamas are in the same boat unless you have a photographer hubby).

I thought the cut and highlights of this one were great. It’s pretty much my go-to look.  Just a little asymmetry with chunky but not too chunky highlights.
"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
This was later that summer.  I got more highlights to where it pretty much turned blonde.  It was fun while it lasted, but I’m not a blonde.  This is a bad cell phone pic taken on my 30th birthday.  I also used the Chi to give it some waves and messy look.  I miss doing that...hmm..I'll have to do that when I have a few extra minutes sometime."fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
Oddly enough, this was the very next morning.  Looks totally different, doesn’t it?  (I had my head buried in my cell phone, but that means you can see the color better.)"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
And this was the day before.  I give this the “most versatile style” award.  "fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
This was the spring of that year.  Subtle highlights, nice and soft cut.  (Stupid smile.)  "fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"And then I got bangs but constantly wore them to the side because they drove me crazy.  Sometimes I liked them, but mostly I was annoyed by them. I did the Chi curl thing this time, too."fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
And whenever I think that I can just tell Andrea what I want instead of letting her have complete creative control, I think of this haircut.  This was ALL me.  Gross, right?!  WTH!!!"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"I liked this next one a lot.  The darker color with highlights was great, and these bangs were very versatile.  But again, I kept getting tired of them.
Family Portraits at Home - Michael and Annie
But then I got this same cut again when I was pregnant with Isaac, and let me be the first to say that it did not look cute on my chubby face.  I thought that getting the bangs thicker might help, and I think it did, but still.  "fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
It’s hard to believe that this was all in the span of 9 months. Ha! I do like the darker ones – maybe this fall again. Smile with tongue out
This is pretty much what I have right now, although we made the asymmetry a little less drastic and it’s just slightly longer.
"fine hair", "fine hair styles", "fine hair cuts", "short hair cuts", "short hair", "cute short haircuts", "short hair styles"
And this was just a few weeks ago. 
WP_000006So there you have it.  What's your go-to look?  I'd love for you bloggers to post your past hair-styles!  What's more fun than talking hair?!   I'll link you if you do!!!  Stay cute, y'all!

Friday, April 13, 2012

House Update & M&M Idiot

Just to give you a little update, we have a contract on our house!  The inspection was Wednesday, but the out-of-state buyer still hasn’t seen the house.  She’s only seen pictures, so on Sunday she’s flying in to see it, and the option period ends on Monday.  SO on Tuesday we plan on seeing a ton of houses while the kids are in school and Isaac is being babysat by a dear friend. 

So why was I an M&M idiot again, you might ask?  Well, I don’t normally keep candy in the house for this very reason, but I accidentally bought one bag of Easter candy too much. 

This pic has nothing to do with the post, but isn't he just too cute?!

So this whole time we have been talking about moving to the Grapevine-Colleyville area, one that we have both always loved.  Well, Michael threw in a whole new city on me, Coppell, which is great and has even better schools, but it’s also further from his work and I know next to nothing about it. 

BUT I totally understand that it’s a big decision and we don’t want to limit our options.  It is really a good idea to broaden our scope.  But the whole idea stressed me out so much!  Enter extra bag of M&M’s.  Why do I eat when I’m stressed?!  Why can’t I be like those two or three people on earth that actually don’t eat when they’re stressed or go work out? 

Okay, so anyway, I’m at a block with blog topics.  Are there any topics that you think might interest you that I might be able to write about?  My friend Misti told me that I should do a post of all of my different hairstyles – haha!  There’ve been a lot!  What else??

Monday, April 2, 2012

26 Miles 385 Yards

(That’s how long 26.2 is.)  Today I was going to go to the DMV to get a new license since I lost my wallet, so I bought a book for my Kindle to prepare for the wait.  Instead, Michael and I get to spend the day at home together with tummy bugs.  Fun.  Reading a book about running marathons is not the best choice when all you want to do is throw up, but I have been wanting to read this for a while, so might as well.

"hal higdon", "marathon: the ultimate training guide", "training for your first marathon", "marthon training"I got Hal Higdon’s popular book on the topic, Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide.   It’s a pretty good book, although I haven’t gotten to the “guide” part yet.  There are a lot of anecdotes and stories from other runners in there that could probably be pared down quite a bit.  I really just want him to get to the nuts and bolts of the topic, but it seems that the main purpose of the book is motivation and inspiration for your first marathon.  And that’s actually perfect for me.  I have had a lot of trepidation about the endeavor, but this book is really making me excited about my first race! 

Speaking of, when we get moved I’d really like to either find another mommy running partner or join a running group of moms who run in the middle of the day like me - running errands or taking kids to school or whatever.  I’ve never really run with other people, but I’d like to see if I like it or not. 

All that to say, if you want to follow my training, then you can do that now in my sidebar!  It tracks all of my running and walking through Daily Mile.  Pretty cool, I thought.  My next race is a 10k being sponsored by Michael’s company.  It falls in schedule with my half-marathon training perfectly, so that will be fun.  Are any of you training for a run?


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