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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Prague Trip in a Nutshell

Hey y’all!  I’m on my long flight home from Prague, on the second leg of the journey from London to Dallas.  My battery isn’t going to hold up much longer, but we’ll see how long it lasts me.  I thought I’d give you a wrap up of my trip while it’s fresh on my mind. 
Prague 122
So I mentioned the graffiti the other day, and I was talking to a Czech friend of ours, and he had an interesting thought on the matter.  He said that when he came to America for the first time, he thought it was very dirty, and he thinks that Prague is very clean.  So it’s just what your eyes and your mind get used to.  We tend to not see the mess in our own cities but notice it right away in others’.  That’s definitely true for me.  I totally wasn’t bothered by the mess anymore by about day 3 and actually started noticing how clean and free of trash the streets were.  I pretty much fell in love with Prague by that time – like ooey-gooey love!
I did get a little lonely, even when I was with Michael.  It just seems a little emotionally taxing being inside of a culture that you’re not a part of.  I would have liked to have had a Czech friend along the way showing me around.  I did do tours (which I loved), but I was mostly the only American and English speaker.  I guess that’s just my need to relate.  I don’t know if that’s an American thing or a girl thing or what.  I hired a tour guide one day that laughed about how some of her American clients would show her pictures of their kids by the end of the day (as I slowly put my picture-full phone back in my pocket).
WP_000118I loved the food!  Not only was it delicious (we didn’t have one bad meal – and my puffy face is proof of that), but it was what I like to call honest food.  There was nothing that was highly processed, and the portions were proper (not too big but not too small).  There was only one place that I saw that had artificial sweetener (our hotel); everywhere else had just real sugar.  I didn’t see one single piece of fluffy, white, overly soft bread, just real, hearty, wheat bread.  And wine is so cheap!  A bottle at dinner only cost between $10 and $25USD as opposed to the $40-60 you’d pay (at a restaurant) on average here in the States.  IMG_0803
I really really loved learning about the culture.  Prague had been kind of a mystery to me, but through the tour guides I learned so much about their history.  It was really fascinating. 
Prague 157
I loved my trip.  I love traveling.  I really want to take Samuel (my oldest) on a Europe trip when he’s about 6-7.  I think he would love it, and I can’t wait to share that with him. 
I’m having surgery on Thursday, and while I’m laid up in bed recovering I plan to show you some more pictures of my excursions.  Smile


  1. Wow...what a trip! Thanks for taking me with you, hehe...I couldn't wait for the next post to come, and I was hanging on every word!
    The pictures are amazing, some just plain took my breath away, I almost can't imagine what it would have been like in person! The foodie in me wishes of an entire post just about the food...with lots of pictures, okay ;)
    I know you have to be so excited to get your arms around your sweet travels and I will be keeping you in my prayers as you go through your surgery.

  2. I too, have enjoyed reading about your lovely trip. The pictures are AMAZING! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time!


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