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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Christmas and Prague

This is so unfair.  Isaac is finally sleeping pretty well tonight, and I’m the one with insomnia!  I think I just have too many things on my mind.  So what do I do when I have too many things on my mind?  I purge on my blog!  (That’s how I got started blogging in the first place.)

First topic:

So Christmas went well, although, Santa brought an Xbox Kinect, and while I think it’s a pretty cool system, I don’t like the attitude that it creates in my children.  Samuel in particular gets way too intense and wants to play it all the time and gets mad at Levi when he doesn’t want to play the same game.  I’m pretty much laying down the hammer on that one, though, because no son of mine is going to act like he’s been acting over a game or anything else.  Prague, Czech Republic, Half-marathon, marathon training, tummy tuck, christmas gifts, xbox kinect

Next topic: 

So on the day of my half-marathon, I hurt my ankle bone by hitting it with my other foot and bruising it.  So now I can’t run on it for another few weeks, which I’m pretty bummed about (but glad it’s not a stress fracture).  I can still do elliptical or bike, but I can’t jog.  So that means that I won’t be doing the full marathon in February like I had hoped. 
SOOOO, originally I was going to get my tummy tuck in March (I can see my mother-in-law cringing right now because she thinks I share too much – haha – love you, Ann), after my marathon in late February.  But now that I’m not going to be trained in time because of my ankle, we figured that January was the best time to do the surgery since I wouldn’t be training.  Then I could start training again in late February.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Winking smile
So about this tummy tuck…I can’t decide if I’m going to show before and after pictures (more cringing).  I know that I don’t have to justify my decision to anyone (don’t make me post my pregnancy pictures again), so that’s not the reason I’d be doing it.  I just kind of think it’s cool.  I mean, seriously, my stomach looks like a deflated balloon, and someone is going to make it not look like that anymore.  That’s pretty freaking cool to me.  I’ll take the pictures and then decide after the surgery if I’ll post them or not. 

Next topic:

We leave for Prague on Saturday, and I’m super excited!  I’m going to have tons of alone time in a foreign country, just me and my camera.  I’m a little nervous about finding my way around and not getting my camera stolen and stuff like that, but I’m way excited.  I’ve done a ton of reading on it, so I think I’m ready and know what to expect, but I’m probably wrong.  I’m going to miss the boys like crazy, but it’s so reassuring to know they’ll be well taken care of and having fun.  I’ll surely be posting while I’m over there, so stay tuned for Prague photos! 
Okay, I think I’ll try to get some sleep now, although I still don’t feel sleepy.  Sad smile

ETA: Michael isn't letting me post before and after pics.  Haha.  It's probably for the best.

Friday, December 23, 2011

You Know You’ve Given Up When…with Kate!

Kate emailed me her answers, and I just had to throw in one more in this series because she was too funny!  We’re all in this motherhood thing together, y’all!  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, and I’m pretty sure He’d like for us to rest in His grace from time to time and not try to be so darn perfect all the time.  I’ve been there and done that, and resting in His grace is a lot better.  Smile  Let's major on the majors and minor on the minors.  K?

Here’s the lovely Kate from the Starr Family Blog:

I know I've given up when....
1)  ...I make Chipotle for dinner.  And pop tarts for dessert.

2)  ...I wear my makeup to bed.  Makeup from 2 days ago (its happened, don't judge).

3)  ...I blog about ....... nothing.  Or my nails (HERE & HERE)

4) kids wear... I plead the fifth.  And anyone that inquires about this to my son's preschool teacher will face certain consequences (that's right, you've been warned).
(Here's a pic.  And I have on fresh makeup
for the record)

5)  ...I pack, or actually do NOT pack, my daughter's lunch and she is forced to come home in fury that SHE ACTUALLY HAD TO EAT THE SCHOOL'S WAY DISGUSTING HOT DOGS, HOW COULD YOU FORGET MOM????

6)  ...I have company, and I don't pick up the hubby's underwear from the bathroom floor (Let's keep this one between us girls, mmkay?).

7)  ...I wear the same pajamas I've dropped my kids off in, yesterday's makeup, and cream of wheat in my teeth to pick my kids up from school.

8) husband has to search through three laundry baskets for a clean undershirt.  And then resorts to asking for help.

9) refrigerator looks like a restaurant takeout graveyard.

10)  ...and the cherry top?  I know I've given up when my filter is tossed... I respond to that facebook status with the loaded question, I answer honestly to my mother on a forbidden subject, and I reveal all my faults on the world wide web for someone as darling and sweet as Annie.

Too funny, Kate!  Thanks!  Y'all have a very Merry Christmas with lots of love and hugs!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cedar Shelf Above the Couch

I told you the other day how I took a project from its Pinterest beginnings
from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
to finish in roughly 24 hours (a miraculous feat). 

It took me another couple of days to actually put some things up on the shelf.  I’m still not finished (I need pics in that collage frame), but the great thing about a shelf like this is that you can change it up to your heart’s content.
Cedar Post Shelf Above the Couch

My sweet boy was home from school sick today (Monday).  Sad smile
I went to JoAnn’s and picked out a couple of fabric patterns.  Did you know that you can order by the half yard?  I just learned that!  I LOVE this pattern.
And the “H” is my favorite!  I bought one of those naked wood letters from JoAnn’s and stained it when I got home with some “Kona” colored stain that I had at the house (took 5 minutes).  I LOVE the way it turned out.  It matches my floors perfectly.093
This is the other fabric I bought.  I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s textured.  The green and white areas are kind of velvety.  It’s so cool looking. 

Anyway, that’s that.  Winking smile  I’ll probably mess with it until I’m completely happy with it (still needs a few tweaks), but I’m pretty happy with it right now (save the empty frames).
Pin It
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You Know You've Given Up When....with ME!

If you missed the first two posts in this series, here they are:
...with Creative Carmella
...with Kingdom Mama

Okay, it's my turn now.  

I know I've given up when....
This is my give-up counter.  :-P
1) ...I make nothing and let the kids rummage through the frig for cheese sticks and apples for dinner.
2) ...I wear leftover maternity shirts to bed.
3) ...I blog about nothing or how I'm overwhelmed.
4) kids wear their preferred attire (shorts with rain boots) to school.
5) ...I pack leftover oatmeal in a thermos for my kids' lunches.
6) ...I have company, and I a) spend the first five minutes explaining why I didn't clean then push stuff out of the way so that they can walk across the living room b) (if it's unexpected) rush around to put a bra on before answering the door..
7) ...I wear the same workout clothes I've worn all day - hours after I worked out because I haven't showered yet to pick my kids up from school (not as bad as the lady that always comes in slippers and pajama pants).
8) husband says I need to go grocery shopping and have a glass of wine.
9) refrigerator looks like a poor college kid's frig - empty.
10) ...I get all of my hydration for the day from coffee (and wine).

My sweet friend Maggie, a new mom and preschool teacher, played, too! Her answers cracked me up:
1) ...I make cornflakes at 10pm for dinner.
2) ...I wear the same pajamas I wore the night before b/c I never changed out of them today to bed.
4) kids wear two different colored socks to school.
6) ...I have company, and I don't allow the light to come on or the ceiling fan to come off so that the dust doesn't show so much.
7) ...I have daddy pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I really need to brush my teeth.
9) refrigerator looks like a bunch of bachelors live here - we have beer and condiments.
10) ...1st day of Christmas break and I have so much to do to get caught up on the things I've been behind on since the first day of school, and instead I'm spending my time reading Annie's blog, answering her questionnaire, and wondering if there is at least one clean towel left in the house to take a shower (at 1:20pm)!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Know You've Given Up When....with Kingdom Mama

If you missed it, I started this little series called You know you've given up when.... Today's special guest is Sarah from Kingdom Twindom +1.  I really do love this series because it makes me feel normal!  It's great to see what reality for stay-at-home-moms really is.  I love it!  Without further ado, here's Sarah:

I know I've given up when....
1)  ...I make popcorn and chocolate milk for dinner (and I do that for at least one meal a week).
2)  ...I wear the last two days yoga pants to bed (I'm not kidding).
4) kids wear the last two days clothes to school (don't worry, we home school).
5)  ...I make, ummm, popcorn and chocolate milk for my kids' lunches.
6)  ...I have company, and I shove all of the junk from the living room into my bedroom instead of cleaning.
7)  ...I wear my day old pjs to pick my kids up from school all day long.
8) husband says I need a vacation (but he doesn't actually send me on one!).
9) refrigerator looks like a scene from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
10)  ...I convince myself New Year's Cards are just as appreciated as Christmas cards. Sigh.

Thank you, Sarah! I could have answered many of those questions the exact same way.  Haha!  I love it!  My answers are coming soon, I promise.  :)  

Anyone can play! Just email me your answers if you don't have a blog or a link to your blog with the answers in a post!

1) ...I make ___________ for dinner.
2) ...I wear ___________ to bed.
3) ...I blog about ___________.
4) kids wear ___________ to school.
5) ...I pack ___________ for my kids' lunches.
6) ...I have company, and I ___________.
7) ...I wear ___________ to pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I ___________.
9) refrigerator looks like ___________.
10) ...(insert your own here)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Old Cards as Gift Tags

I have always been extremely cheap when it comes to gift-wrapping.  I never throw away a gift bag or box, ribbon, or un-torn tissue paper (well…seldom).  (It is organized nice and neat in my craft closet, though!  No hoarding here.)

Anyway, I never ever buy gift tags.  I'd much rather repurpose Christmas cards from the previous year.  Here are a few examples.

I just love this one.  Instead of using a bow, I used the whole front of the card as decoration and a tag.  (Shout out to Erica L. – it was her card last year.)
Repurposed Christmas cards as gift tags

I attached it with a ribbon taped to the back of the box so it could hang over to the front.repurposing Christmas cards

Here’s another one where I used the whole front of the card.  But instead of attaching it with ribbon, I taped the inside of it at the top so it wouldn’t be seen from the outside.thrifty gift tagsCome to think of it, this is a good idea to do with birthday cards, too, for the front of birthday gift bags.  How many times do you have no tag on a bag, the kid threw the card aside, and you don’t know who the gift is from?homemade gift tags

This one I’ve kept for years (for Michael).  I cut the shape out of the front of a card and attached it with thin ribbon.frugal gift wrapping

I used my circle-cutter to cut this one out, but you can certainly use scissors, too.  041
Oh, and while that glitter ribbon (the one that the tag is attached with) is super cute, I don’t recommend it!  After lamenting over the fact that glitter will now be in my house for years (because I used it on a lot of the other gifts), one of my friends laughed that my kids are going to look like they were cuddled by strippers.  OMG, that’s hilarious!

This is another one cut from the front of a card, and I attached it with a cool safety pin that came from the tag of some jeans I recently bought. green christmas wrapping
gift tags
green christmas
And this one is just the blatant reuse of a tag from last year.reusing christmas cards‘Cause guess what…no one cares.  Winking smile christmas cards as gift tags

So there you go.  You have permission to be that family member who’s digging through the Hefty bag of wrapping paper for all of the perfectly good bows and tags.  And you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing away cards (because you’ll save them in your craft box for next year). 

Happy wrapping, y’all!!!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

You Know You've Given Up When....with Creative Carmella

I was laying on the couch the other night while the house was a mess but not having the energy to do one single thing about it, and I came up with this idea.  Here's the thing...we ALL give up from time to time.  And it's not because we're lazy or bad moms or whatever.  Sometimes we're just tired!  And that is a good enough reason to give up from time to time.  And I say give up just to be funny.  It's really just a matter of priorities and knowing what matters.

So I emailed a few friends, and, without further ado, this is the first response I got.  This is from the ever-so-sweet Creative Carmella:

I know I've given up when....
1) ...I make nothing for dinner. (Subway here we come!)

2) ...I wear the same shirt I wore all day to bed.  (The spit up is just an added bonus.)

3) ...I blog about, blog...what blog?? Oh, I just post things from Pinterest.

4) kids wear a pajama shirt that looks kind of like a day time shirt to school. (No one will notice, right?)

5) ...I pack dollar bills for my kids' lunches (and pray that something from the lunch line resembles real food that day.)

6) ...I have company, and I have to shove everything from the floor into the closet and silently pray that no one has to use the bathroom because I can't remember when I cleaned in there last.

7) ...I wear that same shirt I wore to bed to pick my kids up from school.  (Learn more about this shirt in question #2.)

8) husband says I might need to retire said shirt for a least a few days.  (Again, learn more about this shirt in questions #2 and 7.)

9) refrigerator looks like the coolest science project ever!

10) ...(insert your own here)  I pretend to play hide and seek with my kids and hide in all the off limit hiding spots just to get a break....yep, they are still looking for me.....

Thanks for the laughs, Carmella!   I can certainly relate to all of your answers!  #10 was my favorite - hilarious!

Anyone can play!  Just email me your answers if you don't have a blog or a link to your blog with the answers in a post!

1)  ...I make  ___________  for dinner.
2)  ...I wear ___________ to bed.
3)  ...I blog about ___________. 
4) kids wear ___________ to school.
5)  ...I pack ___________ for my kids' lunches.
6)  ...I have company, and I ___________.
7)  ...I wear ___________ to pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I ___________.
9) refrigerator looks like ___________.
10)  ...(insert your own here)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinterest Haters and Productivity

If you are a frequent Pinterest user, then no doubt you’ve seen these signs before:Pinterest
or this one…
They’re all over Pinterest; I just can’t find where they originated.
Anywho, they get on my nerves.  If someone is gonna complain about all of the things that they’re not doing, then the simple solution to that is to just do it!  Seriously, though.
Yesterday morning I was fretting over what I would put over my couch because I was way over the painting that had been up there for a year or so now and I took it down.  So the first step was to go to Pinterest and search for “over the couch”.

I saw these beauties and got inspired.
wall ledges over the couch
from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
wall ledges over the couch

over the couch
(The last pic is pinned to the image URL instead of the website – pet peeve!)

I LOVED the first one with the cedar post as the shelf.  That would go in my house so well.  So you know what I did?  I went to Lowe’s and made it happen. 
Cedar ledge 007
Cedar ledge 011
Cedar ledge 016
As you can see, it awaits art to adorn it, but that’s in the works, thanks again to Pinterest.  And no doubt I’ll show you when I’m done!
SOOOO, to all of the Eeyore’s out there, stop pinning and start doing!  Don’t pin anything else until you’ve done at least 3 projects or recipes or whatever that you already have pinned!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There's not enough coffee for mornings like this one...

It was a rough morning in the Hedgie house.  [Venting to ensue in 5...4...3...2...]  Evidently my kids have no respect for me because when I tell them to do something it means nothing.  Ugh!  I'm a frustrated mama this morning.  BUT the two older kids are off to school now, and I can breath a little more easily now.

Every morning is a battle with what to wear - Every.Freaking.Morning.  Did you know that khaki is evidently a girl's color now?  Yep.  And no, you cannot wear shorts, short sleeved shirts, and flip flops; it's COLD outside!  And the whining...oh the whining.  In the extremely fitting words of my mother-in-law: It goes through my head like a nail!

And Isaac - I love that little stinker, but why doesn't he want to run around the house with nice, soft stuffed animals and pillows?  No, instead he chooses to run around with pencils, pens, and forks in his hand as he stumbles through the mine field of toys and shoes on the floor.  "And why chew on teething rings and other squishy toys when there are readily available pieces of chalk, crayons, and pencil erasers," he seemed to say.  And do you want to know why I haven't been blogging as much lately?  Because just since I sat down to write this post he has shut the laptop, hit caps lock, and hit F1 help about thirty million times.

Okay, venting is over now.  I just had to get that out.

I love my kids more than anything, and I think they know that.  Yes, I need to be more consistent so that they listen to what I say more.  I'm working on that.  It's such a hard thing for mothers because you have to balance that with the overwhelming desire to be warm and loving to them and give them whatever they want.  Discipline and consistency are loving, though; I keep trying to remind myself of this.

::sigh::  Merry Christmas.  :-/

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Half Marathon Sweetness

WP_000005I did it!  I ran my first half marathon!  I was so scared and nervous because I knew the weather was going to be cold and rainy.  I also don't really like large crowds and big places because I don't like getting lost, so I was more nervous about that than anything.  So once I got to the starting line, my nerves were gone.  

I had been sick for two weeks and didn't train two weeks ago, and I hadn't had a really good run since, so that wasn't making me very hopeful.  My goal was to run an 11 minute mile pace, and I ended up running 10!  It was so much fun, and the crowd was so inspiring!  

Yes, I had my headphones and lip synced and every now and then did an air drum, but hey, whatever works, yo. 

My favorite mantra was, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

I love all of the signs that people had along the route.  Here were some of my favorites:

  • Go Mommy Go!
  • Pain is temporary, bragging rights are forever.
  • You look skinny.
  • Runners are hot.
  • You're feet hurt because you're kicking so much ass.
  • It's long and hard, so do it fast! (LOL, what? It's funny.)

Oh they made me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.  So now my training for the full 26.2 kicks into high gear!  “This is crazy; this is crazy; this is crazy!” (Name that movie – haha.)

And now for the stats, if you care:
Chip time – 2:11:10
Overall place – 3997 out of 9650
Sex place – 1699 out of 5604
Female 30-34 division place – 313 out of 982

Oh, and to answer the most asked question: Did you walk?  I slowed to a walk to drink Gatorade about 4-5 times, and I stopped at a port-a-pottie once.  Winking smile

My silly hubby recorded this while we were in the “family reunion area” and the race was fresh on my mind. My lips were still frozen, and there was no way in heck I was going to remove that beanie to expose my gross, wet hair. Enjoy. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Makes a Great Holiday

Last year I wrote about having Christmas bliss in the midst of commercialism and consumerism.  And I have really strived to make holidays meaningful with the gifts and food aspects of them secondary.  And this year I wrote about having a game plan for fitness during the holidays.  Well, I'm here to give you a progress report for Thanksgiving - overall, I'm very pleased!

I kept to my promise and ran the San Antonio Turkey Trot.  It was so much fun - a gorgeous park, perfect weather, and the best way to start a Thanksgiving Day.  My mom pushed the two older boys in the Bob; Michael stayed behind with Isaac since Michael was sick; and I ran with my 10 year old nephew.  It was awesome, and it was a great memory that I'll have with my nephew.
And instilling a love for fitness in my kids is a big goal of mine, so to see them run the kids' fun run is just priceless.
Levi (right) wasn't buying it at this point.
But that is one happy, running kid there. 
I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house for probably the past 5-6 years, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.  I love cooking and cleaning and crafting and getting everything perfect down to the tiniest detail, but it sure stresses my husband and kids out.  And then I put so much pressure on the event that when everyone isn't as happy as I'd hope them to be, or able to stay the whole time, or not hungry because they just ate a Thanksgiving meal at their other family's house, it's a bit of a letdown.  (Damn perfectionism strikes again; I probably stress everyone out.)

All that to say that I really appreciate the work that goes into doing a Thanksgiving dinner well.  This year we took a break from hosting Thanksgiving and went to San Antonio to spend it with my family (and to meet my newest niece that was born), and boy oh boy did my cousin and his wife do an amazing job.

First of all, they used my Granny's china, and you know how I feel about china that gets used.  I seriously don't think I've ever been as in love with any particular china as much as I'm in love with my Granny's china.  It's, in a word, exquisite.

Secondly, they had everyone sitting at the same, gigantic table (obviously a grouping of tables - a great idea).  I loved it!  There were a ton of people, but everyone was able to talk to everyone else.  Brilliant!
And thirdly, the focus was family, not food.  Yes, the food was amazing and delicious, but it wasn't center stage.  (It sure was yummy, though.)  We hung out and lingered long after all of the other guests left and looked at Black Friday ads and drank wine and eggnog with rum and had a great time catching up.  It was perfect.  I've never hosted a Thanksgiving as successful as theirs.  I think I might throw in the towel for a while since I enjoyed theirs so much.
I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings.  I'll get caught up on my blog and Facebook reading one of these days and read about them!  And I really hope you can find some Christmas bliss in the midst of this crazy season!  Love and peace, y'all!


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