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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Know You've Given Up When....with Kingdom Mama

If you missed it, I started this little series called You know you've given up when.... Today's special guest is Sarah from Kingdom Twindom +1.  I really do love this series because it makes me feel normal!  It's great to see what reality for stay-at-home-moms really is.  I love it!  Without further ado, here's Sarah:

I know I've given up when....
1)  ...I make popcorn and chocolate milk for dinner (and I do that for at least one meal a week).
2)  ...I wear the last two days yoga pants to bed (I'm not kidding).
4) kids wear the last two days clothes to school (don't worry, we home school).
5)  ...I make, ummm, popcorn and chocolate milk for my kids' lunches.
6)  ...I have company, and I shove all of the junk from the living room into my bedroom instead of cleaning.
7)  ...I wear my day old pjs to pick my kids up from school all day long.
8) husband says I need a vacation (but he doesn't actually send me on one!).
9) refrigerator looks like a scene from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
10)  ...I convince myself New Year's Cards are just as appreciated as Christmas cards. Sigh.

Thank you, Sarah! I could have answered many of those questions the exact same way.  Haha!  I love it!  My answers are coming soon, I promise.  :)  

Anyone can play! Just email me your answers if you don't have a blog or a link to your blog with the answers in a post!

1) ...I make ___________ for dinner.
2) ...I wear ___________ to bed.
3) ...I blog about ___________.
4) kids wear ___________ to school.
5) ...I pack ___________ for my kids' lunches.
6) ...I have company, and I ___________.
7) ...I wear ___________ to pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I ___________.
9) refrigerator looks like ___________.
10) ...(insert your own here)


  1. I answered the questions and Apparently I haven't given up on most things. Which Makes me happy. There are certain things that are less important, but "giving up" isn't an option. Otherwise... what are we doing it for? All tasks in our day are to glorify God and serve our family. Now go put on clean clothes so u don't smell when your hubby gets home! ;)

  2. Oh the above is from me... Kandice

  3. You gotta cut yourself some slack every now and then. God doesn't expect perfection from us, and we shouldn't expect it from ourselves. God knows my heart. I might be glorifying Him by letting my house get ugly and playing with my kids more or even just resting. He knows.

  4. Giving up to me means "giving up" on the things that don't matter as much as taking time for myself or spending time with my kiddos....showering is totally overrated anyway ;) So true, my sweet friend, God knows our hearts and perfection is never going to be coming from me so I've decided its time I quit making that my goal....


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