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Monday, December 19, 2011

You Know You've Given Up When....with Creative Carmella

I was laying on the couch the other night while the house was a mess but not having the energy to do one single thing about it, and I came up with this idea.  Here's the thing...we ALL give up from time to time.  And it's not because we're lazy or bad moms or whatever.  Sometimes we're just tired!  And that is a good enough reason to give up from time to time.  And I say give up just to be funny.  It's really just a matter of priorities and knowing what matters.

So I emailed a few friends, and, without further ado, this is the first response I got.  This is from the ever-so-sweet Creative Carmella:

I know I've given up when....
1) ...I make nothing for dinner. (Subway here we come!)

2) ...I wear the same shirt I wore all day to bed.  (The spit up is just an added bonus.)

3) ...I blog about, blog...what blog?? Oh, I just post things from Pinterest.

4) kids wear a pajama shirt that looks kind of like a day time shirt to school. (No one will notice, right?)

5) ...I pack dollar bills for my kids' lunches (and pray that something from the lunch line resembles real food that day.)

6) ...I have company, and I have to shove everything from the floor into the closet and silently pray that no one has to use the bathroom because I can't remember when I cleaned in there last.

7) ...I wear that same shirt I wore to bed to pick my kids up from school.  (Learn more about this shirt in question #2.)

8) husband says I might need to retire said shirt for a least a few days.  (Again, learn more about this shirt in questions #2 and 7.)

9) refrigerator looks like the coolest science project ever!

10) ...(insert your own here)  I pretend to play hide and seek with my kids and hide in all the off limit hiding spots just to get a break....yep, they are still looking for me.....

Thanks for the laughs, Carmella!   I can certainly relate to all of your answers!  #10 was my favorite - hilarious!

Anyone can play!  Just email me your answers if you don't have a blog or a link to your blog with the answers in a post!

1)  ...I make  ___________  for dinner.
2)  ...I wear ___________ to bed.
3)  ...I blog about ___________. 
4) kids wear ___________ to school.
5)  ...I pack ___________ for my kids' lunches.
6)  ...I have company, and I ___________.
7)  ...I wear ___________ to pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I ___________.
9) refrigerator looks like ___________.
10)  ...(insert your own here)


  1. haha! I am cracking up at myself! Oh, well...some days "giving up" feels like the best choice, at least my kids and husband know I love them even if I tell them this while wearing "the" shirt! haha! Thanks for having me!

  2. Hilarious and completely relatable. :)

  3. Oh my gosh that is hilarious, Carmella you sound just like me. I love the hide and seek one.


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