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Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Know You've Given Up When....with ME!

If you missed the first two posts in this series, here they are:
...with Creative Carmella
...with Kingdom Mama

Okay, it's my turn now.  

I know I've given up when....
This is my give-up counter.  :-P
1) ...I make nothing and let the kids rummage through the frig for cheese sticks and apples for dinner.
2) ...I wear leftover maternity shirts to bed.
3) ...I blog about nothing or how I'm overwhelmed.
4) kids wear their preferred attire (shorts with rain boots) to school.
5) ...I pack leftover oatmeal in a thermos for my kids' lunches.
6) ...I have company, and I a) spend the first five minutes explaining why I didn't clean then push stuff out of the way so that they can walk across the living room b) (if it's unexpected) rush around to put a bra on before answering the door..
7) ...I wear the same workout clothes I've worn all day - hours after I worked out because I haven't showered yet to pick my kids up from school (not as bad as the lady that always comes in slippers and pajama pants).
8) husband says I need to go grocery shopping and have a glass of wine.
9) refrigerator looks like a poor college kid's frig - empty.
10) ...I get all of my hydration for the day from coffee (and wine).

My sweet friend Maggie, a new mom and preschool teacher, played, too! Her answers cracked me up:
1) ...I make cornflakes at 10pm for dinner.
2) ...I wear the same pajamas I wore the night before b/c I never changed out of them today to bed.
4) kids wear two different colored socks to school.
6) ...I have company, and I don't allow the light to come on or the ceiling fan to come off so that the dust doesn't show so much.
7) ...I have daddy pick my kids up from school.
8) husband says I really need to brush my teeth.
9) refrigerator looks like a bunch of bachelors live here - we have beer and condiments.
10) ...1st day of Christmas break and I have so much to do to get caught up on the things I've been behind on since the first day of school, and instead I'm spending my time reading Annie's blog, answering her questionnaire, and wondering if there is at least one clean towel left in the house to take a shower (at 1:20pm)!


  1. I'd answer the questionnaire but really you've covered it all, and this is every week for me. Dang it.

  2. Ha! I wonder about the slippers and pj pants lady, too. Glad it's not just me.

  3. I would love to be the mom that picks up the kids in work out least it would make me look as if I tried...hahaha I am trying so hard to bring the "bed head" look back! so far no takers, but I'm going to keep rocking it to see if it catches on...


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