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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There's not enough coffee for mornings like this one...

It was a rough morning in the Hedgie house.  [Venting to ensue in 5...4...3...2...]  Evidently my kids have no respect for me because when I tell them to do something it means nothing.  Ugh!  I'm a frustrated mama this morning.  BUT the two older kids are off to school now, and I can breath a little more easily now.

Every morning is a battle with what to wear - Every.Freaking.Morning.  Did you know that khaki is evidently a girl's color now?  Yep.  And no, you cannot wear shorts, short sleeved shirts, and flip flops; it's COLD outside!  And the whining...oh the whining.  In the extremely fitting words of my mother-in-law: It goes through my head like a nail!

And Isaac - I love that little stinker, but why doesn't he want to run around the house with nice, soft stuffed animals and pillows?  No, instead he chooses to run around with pencils, pens, and forks in his hand as he stumbles through the mine field of toys and shoes on the floor.  "And why chew on teething rings and other squishy toys when there are readily available pieces of chalk, crayons, and pencil erasers," he seemed to say.  And do you want to know why I haven't been blogging as much lately?  Because just since I sat down to write this post he has shut the laptop, hit caps lock, and hit F1 help about thirty million times.

Okay, venting is over now.  I just had to get that out.

I love my kids more than anything, and I think they know that.  Yes, I need to be more consistent so that they listen to what I say more.  I'm working on that.  It's such a hard thing for mothers because you have to balance that with the overwhelming desire to be warm and loving to them and give them whatever they want.  Discipline and consistency are loving, though; I keep trying to remind myself of this.

::sigh::  Merry Christmas.  :-/


  1. Sharon is no different in this regard. She will vent to me about whatever is on her nerves with the kids (usually whining about not getting their way or temper tantrums)and my stock answer is the following question/answer: "Do you know why they act like that? BECAUSE IT WORKS!"

    But there is a price to pay for my more disciplined approach...They favor the hell out of their mother. She is the fun one.

    So honestly I don't know which I prefer. I could be the "fun one" but then they'd drive me right off the sanity cliff.

    I think I'll stick with consistency and them wanting to sit by mom at every meal. :-)

  2. I pick out his clothes the night before. Lay them out and show him..."these are your clothes for tomorrow"... He's been told he can pick out his clothes on Friday and Saturday. There usually isn't issue w this anymore.

    And I made him a checklist for the morning, which he likes to do.

    U haven't asked for my input, but I'm just sharing what I have going.

    Also, Dayna shared this article w me about starting your kids day on a positive note. Step one...u have to get up earlier. Even if it's just ten minutes, it helps. Don't use the word Hurry. It's not their fault WE are running late. We are the parents. We scream hurried commands From the moment they wake up. I want to enjoy my cup of coffee for a few minutes before I start the day. Maybe they want to watch some toons or draw a new "pokemon phone" before they start their day. (jax had to make a new phone this morning ;) FYI) so, rule is, this is your checklist, get it done in a timely manor then u have your free time. No questions this is the way it goes everyday.

    It's not always smooth, but it helped tremendously.


  3. That's a really great idea, Kandice. I'm gonna try that! I'd love to be consistent and fun. Ugh. Yeah right. Haha

  4. I hear ya...I HEAR YA! The whining drives me batty most days.


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