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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Christmas and Prague

This is so unfair.  Isaac is finally sleeping pretty well tonight, and I’m the one with insomnia!  I think I just have too many things on my mind.  So what do I do when I have too many things on my mind?  I purge on my blog!  (That’s how I got started blogging in the first place.)

First topic:

So Christmas went well, although, Santa brought an Xbox Kinect, and while I think it’s a pretty cool system, I don’t like the attitude that it creates in my children.  Samuel in particular gets way too intense and wants to play it all the time and gets mad at Levi when he doesn’t want to play the same game.  I’m pretty much laying down the hammer on that one, though, because no son of mine is going to act like he’s been acting over a game or anything else.  Prague, Czech Republic, Half-marathon, marathon training, tummy tuck, christmas gifts, xbox kinect

Next topic: 

So on the day of my half-marathon, I hurt my ankle bone by hitting it with my other foot and bruising it.  So now I can’t run on it for another few weeks, which I’m pretty bummed about (but glad it’s not a stress fracture).  I can still do elliptical or bike, but I can’t jog.  So that means that I won’t be doing the full marathon in February like I had hoped. 
SOOOO, originally I was going to get my tummy tuck in March (I can see my mother-in-law cringing right now because she thinks I share too much – haha – love you, Ann), after my marathon in late February.  But now that I’m not going to be trained in time because of my ankle, we figured that January was the best time to do the surgery since I wouldn’t be training.  Then I could start training again in late February.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Winking smile
So about this tummy tuck…I can’t decide if I’m going to show before and after pictures (more cringing).  I know that I don’t have to justify my decision to anyone (don’t make me post my pregnancy pictures again), so that’s not the reason I’d be doing it.  I just kind of think it’s cool.  I mean, seriously, my stomach looks like a deflated balloon, and someone is going to make it not look like that anymore.  That’s pretty freaking cool to me.  I’ll take the pictures and then decide after the surgery if I’ll post them or not. 

Next topic:

We leave for Prague on Saturday, and I’m super excited!  I’m going to have tons of alone time in a foreign country, just me and my camera.  I’m a little nervous about finding my way around and not getting my camera stolen and stuff like that, but I’m way excited.  I’ve done a ton of reading on it, so I think I’m ready and know what to expect, but I’m probably wrong.  I’m going to miss the boys like crazy, but it’s so reassuring to know they’ll be well taken care of and having fun.  I’ll surely be posting while I’m over there, so stay tuned for Prague photos! 
Okay, I think I’ll try to get some sleep now, although I still don’t feel sleepy.  Sad smile

ETA: Michael isn't letting me post before and after pics.  Haha.  It's probably for the best.


  1. First topic: games are a hard one. When we first got the wii, jax asked everyday. And he has the same intense attitude with a side of sourpuss. The newness did wear off a bit, until he would get a new game, then he wanted to play more. I tried doing only on weekends, which worked but I felt a little too hard. So then I went to a reward system. If he's had a good day etc. He still has a bad attitude though. :-/

    Second topic: I really want to see pics! I'd love to eventually get one. I say my tummy looks like it has been shredded w a cheese grater! I have more work to do on toning before I can consider going to do it, but I'm getting closer. I'm covered in stretch marks, that will never change, I'm ok w it. I'd just like my undies to stay above the flap. Tmi?? Lol

    Excited about your trip. Enjoy!!


  2. And here's a funny for you. I was being very frugal this Christmas w everyone. And I did good with it except, w the kids. Santa brought small things, he asked for a hot wheels track! They had 4 presents each. It seemed fine until 11:30 Christmas eve when I started setting it all up. I felt horrible! I sent Chad to walgreens to buy them something else to open. Haha I never saw that coming.

  3. Annie... this post killed me!! My husband and I always joke about his 'filter'... when its off, its off! Its so much more fun without a filter :) I give you credit for being honest, and brave! A tummy tuck sounds appealing, but the anesthesia TERRIFIES me!


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