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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinterest Haters and Productivity

If you are a frequent Pinterest user, then no doubt you’ve seen these signs before:Pinterest
or this one…
They’re all over Pinterest; I just can’t find where they originated.
Anywho, they get on my nerves.  If someone is gonna complain about all of the things that they’re not doing, then the simple solution to that is to just do it!  Seriously, though.
Yesterday morning I was fretting over what I would put over my couch because I was way over the painting that had been up there for a year or so now and I took it down.  So the first step was to go to Pinterest and search for “over the couch”.

I saw these beauties and got inspired.
wall ledges over the couch
from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
wall ledges over the couch

over the couch
(The last pic is pinned to the image URL instead of the website – pet peeve!)

I LOVED the first one with the cedar post as the shelf.  That would go in my house so well.  So you know what I did?  I went to Lowe’s and made it happen. 
Cedar ledge 007
Cedar ledge 011
Cedar ledge 016
As you can see, it awaits art to adorn it, but that’s in the works, thanks again to Pinterest.  And no doubt I’ll show you when I’m done!
SOOOO, to all of the Eeyore’s out there, stop pinning and start doing!  Don’t pin anything else until you’ve done at least 3 projects or recipes or whatever that you already have pinned!  


  1. I really like the shelf. You are right, the clear coat sealer brings out the cedar wood tones. It is a perfect compliment to our "50's homey homes". I am anxious to see what pictures and things you put on the shelf.
    When I was a Cub Scout den mother lo these many years ago I bought a 4x4 post like this one and had it cut in 4 inch lengths making 4 inch cubes. I gave one to each boy to decorate for his dad for Father's Day--took pictures of him at Cubbey meetings to fill several sides. It was a hit. I still have Paul's and John's. Love the shelf idea...Ann

  2. Here's my problem. I'm looking at these gift ideas for teachers, but don't want to use them because I feel like everyone will be using them too. ;-} ah!

  3. Lets just say...I'm not p-inter-est-ed....

    See what I did there...

  4. No one's doing them, Kandice! Haha! Craft away! :-P

  5. I LOVE the shelf. I also loved that you immediately went to Pinterest for inspiration. :)

    I can happily say that I've made three recipes & a couple crafts from Pinterest. Success right? It depends if you factor in the fact that I probably have 100 items pinned. HAH!

    Really, though. Looking forward to seeing how you finish off the shelf. :)

  6. I get these emails that people are following my boards, and I've pinned maybe one thing since I joined. Mainly out of lack of knowledge. But I love the shelf and am anxious to see how you decorate it!


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