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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reading Rainbow Cake Party

Samuel, our 5 year old, was going through this reading book that we LOVED to learn to read.  The adult basically just reads everything in red in the lesson, and the book does all the work.  By the end, your kid can read.  It's uh-mazing.  So we told him that whenever he made it through the entire book that we'd have a reading party for him.  Well, he was reading so well in school that we quit the book because he already exceeded it.  The book gave him an excellent foundation with which to really accelerate his learning at school.

So we had his reading party today!  We invited three of his buddies from his class over after school for some "Reading Rainbow Cake" to celebrate Samuel learning to read.  (Mimi came over to celebrate with us, too.)  :)  By the way, I didn't even try to explain "Reading Rainbow" to the kids because it would have made me feel too old.  
It was Michael's idea to make this achievement into a celebration, and I thought it was genius.  What a hallmark - knowing how to read.
It was a simple, little party.  We just had cake and strawberry smoothies, played and ran around a LOT, read a couple of books, and sang some silly songs with the guitar and shakers.  The perfect little playdate, IMHO.  :)

So even though you've seen these a bazillion times, here's mine.  I thought it needed more icing in between the layers, but I'm an icing addict.
It was a lot of fun making it.  I can't wait until Levi and Isaac learn to read so that I can make it again!  By the way, my kids LOVED helping with this cake.  Mixing the colors was the best part - good teaching moments, too ("Which two colors make purple?", etc.).

Did you celebrate an academic milestone in your family?  I wanna know!!!
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  1. WTG Samual!

    This was such an awesome idea!

  2. Love, love, love! What a great way to celebrate! I have to get this book asap! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is so awesome. I love that you celebrated this!

  4. What a fabulous idea!! How sweet! And that cake looks amazing!

  5. How am I just now seeing this? Must have missed it when you originally posted it. A little late for my kids but maybe we'll do something at the end of elementary school, one last "kid party" or something before moving on to middle school. So cool though. You're such an awesome mom and it sticks out with you kids. Samuel was telling me how y'all read (can't think of the book, a fantasy, I think) at bedtime over a long period of time and when you guys finished you had a special dinner and watched the movie and you made food themed with the book. Such fun parents! You guys are doing an awesome job!


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