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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Officially "Annie"

The very first person to call me Annie after the judge declared it was the clerk downstairs that was handling my paperwork.  Before the name change I was only known as Annie in personal settings.  If you were calling me Annie, then you knew me.  Anita was reserved for people that didn't know me - doctors' offices, banks, insurance companies, etc.  So when the clerk called me Annie there in that very official setting of the courthouse, it felt very strange - nice, but strange.  It felt like my personal and professional lives just collided.  That was Monday.

Today is Wednesday, and I've had two days to get used to the idea of Annie being my real name now.  I don't have a nickname!  I really love it.  Changing my name has been a lifelong dream.

All my life I've had to wonder when was the appropriate time to tell someone that I go by Annie.  Does it even matter?  My OB, yes, he should definitely call me Annie.  My dentist, I only see him twice a year, so why bother?

Today, however, I had a dentist appointment, and the assistant kept calling me Anita.  It felt so weird and wrong.  That wasn't my name anymore.  So after about 3 or 4 times, I finally told her about the name change.  It does make me feel like a bit of a freak - I mean who changes their first name?  But I'm thrilled nonetheless.

The whole process, for which I was so nervous, was very routine and boring.  My court date was Monday morning, and I waited through several divorce hearings which lasted a total of about two minutes each.  About 6 divorces were declared before my name was officially changed by the judge.

After that I had to go to the DMV with my 3 year old and 10 month old and wait 3 EFFING hours!  It was awful.  I thought I was going to grow old and die in that room.  People were congratulating their cell mates fellow waiters when their numbers were called, like they won the lottery.  A huge surge of endorphines ran through my body, and I praised God Almighty when mine was called.  I couldn't stop smiling.  Forgive my politics, but I couldn't help thinking that every single voting American should get their licenses renewed before voting in the next election (think of the DMV as a doctor's office).  I digress.  ;)

So then I applied for my passport, which was a much more quick and pleasant experience.  And now I'm ready for my trip to Prague in January!  (Yes, I got the passport rushed!)  I'm so thankful for this whole journey, what God has taught me and who He's creating me to be.  Thank God for being a work in progress!  I love my life - silly and naive as I might be sometimes.

ETA: And if you're wondering why I changed my name, then read here.  :)

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  1. SO COOL, ANNIE! I think it's really neat that you've done this.

    Ken(who's legal Kendall)


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