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Monday, November 14, 2011

I gotta be honest about my priorities...

The silent retreat that I went to a couple of weekends ago was so skillfully designed.  The spiritual director, Liz, that led the retreat was such a wise woman.  She didn't preach or twist our arms, but she led.  She led me into hearing God's voice speaking to me specifically.  So when she did a talk on balance, I heard God speaking to me about the priorities in my life loudly and clearly!

First she said that, "Burnout [that's what I was in] is a result of being out of balance."  Okay, got it.  So what do I do about that?  She then asked, "What needs to be emptied from your cup so that God can fill it up?" So I started really thinking about my priorities and what fills my days.

I won't go into all of it, but blogging was definitely something that I analyzed.  I love blogging; I really do.  It fills a need in me to express myself creatively.  I love writing.  I'm a grammar nerd.  I love thinking about life.  I love sharing what I learned.  So okay, check - it's a priority.

But as many of my fellow bloggers know, if you want followers, sometimes you have to read a whole bunch of other blogs, too, as a means of networking to grow your own blog.  This can be quite daunting, especially when there are 100+ posts in your Reader each night.  There started to be many of which I would just look at the pictures or would skip entirely.

It's frankly too much for me to keep up with.  So I started asking myself why I was doing it.  Well, I do certainly have a specific set of blogs that I read religiously - a mix of family, friends, bloggy friends, and favorite blogs that inspire me.  All of the blogs that I follow are good, and I really enjoy them, but I just can't justify spending the time on them anymore, especially when I could be doing other things that would be more fulfilling for me and my family.

And here's the other deal.  You know how all these big bloggers say that you have to network and do linky parties and comment and yada yada yada?  Well, doesn't that just get you followers that are already bloggers?  So you just have a large group of bloggers that are following each other for the sake of having a large following?  It doesn't quite make sense to me.  Why run yourself ragged for that?  Because you know that all of those other blogger/followers are just skipping through your blog posts, too.  Do you know how many times I've gotten comments that the commenter so obviously didn't even read the post (but they commented because they wanted me to feel obliged to visit their blog)?  Don't you want mostly non-blogger followers?

And what's the point for me anyway?  I don't get any cash out of the deal.  So I'm running myself ragged for...a number in my sidebar?  A high number of pageviews in my stats that no one sees except me?  Pride, perhaps?

So anyway, all that to say that I'm cutting back on the amount of blogs that I follow.  Please don't be offended, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  And you do, too.  :)  So like I said, if you're a family, friend, bloggy friend, or blog that inspires me, then I'm going to keep following, so no worries.  ;)  If you're feeling like me at all, though, I do urge you to honestly answer for yourself, "What's the point?"  

P.S. You can apply this to Facebook and Twitter, too.  Eeek!

ETA: I'm a little concerned that I came across as ungrateful for my current readers/followers.  I promise you I'm not.  I love that people actually want to read something that I thought about and wrote.  It humbles and blesses me more than you could ever know.  I just wanted to admit my failing - that I was following TOO many blogs just for the sake of getting more followers, and that's pride.  Boo for pride.  :(


  1. I don't read very many other blogs (even some the blogs on my side bar are just ones that I respect and check in on from time to time), and I completely agree with what you've written here. I am a writer, by trade in many areas. I respect other writers, but if I'm going to have time to write PLUS live my life, I'm not going to have time to read what everyone else writes. It is just that simple.

    What I DO is have Sitemeter on my page so that I can see where my traffic is coming from. Once or twice a week I randomly check it, and I visit the blogs that I see there. My site's traffic is fed my many, many small family blogs that are (as far as I'm aware) not out to gain traffic but simply to share stories with family members. The fact that they would share ME with their family is something that I definitely want to thank. And I do then "follow" many of these blogs back...not because I think I'm going to have time to read all of their posts, but because I use Google reader as a random file from which to draw a post or two a day.

    I firmly believe that blog popularity is as much about luck as it is about networking or even talent. Everything else has to come first, so that I actually have things to blog about! ;)

    P.S. I've been blogging since 2006...faithfully since 2008. So, clearly, following my advice isn't going to make anyone famous! ;)

  2. Oh girl, I couldn't have written this myself. I have been blogging since 2004, it all started for me. I keep doing it for me. I don't read your blog for you to come to mine, I read it because a friend (a non-blogger) thought I would like it and I was right. I comment when I can but I read most of your post. Non-related question where did you get the upcycled distressed would you have been using? I have an amazing craft idea and need to find some.

  3. I totally understand what your saying & you make an excellent point. I'd rather blog for the sheer enjoyment of it than worry about how many people want to read my stuff. Of course, I've met some great people through the linky parties and enjoy reading their stuff as well but I must agree that there are quite a few that I skip over and never read. You do what you gotta do :)

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  5. LOL...I posted a joke comment with a link to my blog that wasn't even the correct link to my blog. You can tell how long its been since I quit thinking about blogging.

    Anyway...glad you are finding balance. I too struggle with this.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. LOL, I saw it in my email. Michael said that he was going to do that, too, haha! You beat him to it.

  7. I have to say that I got really worried that you were going to say that you weren't going to blog anymore!! Then...I kept reading, as I always do, because I need your speak my language....and I totally get you! I find that after Liam was born I just simply don't have the time to read as many blogs as I used to and guess what...I still feel really fulfilled in life :) Nope, nothing has changed...well, maybe the only thing would be that I have to read a week's worth of your blog posts in one sitting instead one a day :) You make me smile, friend.

  8. I like the new digs! Love reading your posts, glad you're finding balance.


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