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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Headphones at the Gym and My Dorkiness

(I wish I had a source for this, but I don't
- it's everywhere, though.)
So if you ever want to expose me for the big dork that I am, watch me at the gym while I have headphones on.  I wasn't wearing them for a while because I have to listen for the announcement, "Will club member Annie please come to the kids' club?" because Isaac is usually wailing for his Mama.  But now I have decided just to tell them I'm wearing headphones, and they'll come get me.  Novel, nes pas?

Anywho, so I wore them for the first time in a long time on Sunday morning, and I tell ya, I was so motivated to run on the treadmill with my own music blasting in my ear.  Turns out that my body will run faster and faster if I pour in a little Mumford and Sons, Stavesacre, Oasis, and Cranberries.  Like really, I kept increasing the speed as the time went on.  Increasing!

The only downside is that I feel SO incredibly restrained because I would really like to sing out loud and use my hands to express the music in large, sweeping gestures.  What?  That's totally normal, right?  But that's what I do in the car?  But, what?  Someone might see me, you say?  Ah, yes, I have been sighted by a friend dancing to "Dynamite" once, and yes, it was quite embarrassing.

So I do hold back and restrain myself, but if you look carefully, my face will ever so slightly be expressing the emotion of the song, my lips will just so subtly be mouthing the words, and my arms will air drum only when I think I can get away with it by it looking like a natural running motion.


  1. OMG, tooo funny. Love the picture! Love it! Glad you are getting back to the gym. WTG, Annie.

  2. Yep, we're sisters. We must be....I did the Thriller dance in the car at a red light the other day. I'm pretty sure my daughter nearly died, but the man in the car beside must have thought I did great because I got a thumbs up, and no, I didn't realize there were any cars beside me....can't help it when you feel the music, right?

  3. You move your arms around when listening to music?? I really need to see this!

  4. I can really picture you just restraining yourself but feeling frustrated that you can't let your musical interpretations flow. :)


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