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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Town Bag Lady

So in my little area of town there is this homeless lady that pushes around a shopping cart that everyone knows about because we all see her walking around.  And it's fairly easy to spot her because she's the one and only homeless person in the area.  Her name is Joanne, and I'm sure that she's very nice, however I've never spoken to her because let's just say she's usually talking already, although I'm not quite sure to whom.

So during our walk yesterday, my friend Misti said that when I go around town with my stroller everyday I remind her of Miss Joanne.  That. Is. Awesome.  Awesomely embarrassing but still pretty funny.  I can totally feel that vibe, too, especially when I got to the grocery store and come back with grocery sacks hanging on my double wide stroller.

Three people in the past two days have told me that they see me walking/jogging around town, so now every time I go jogging, I'm very aware of people seeing me and taking note - "Oh there's the crazy bag lady / the mom who wants her body back / the lady who must not have a car"(what have you).

I'm alright with it, though.  I'm having a blast and getting in shape, so I can't complain.  Honk if you see me!


  1. good on you Annie! I sure miss you! So glad to be able to keep up with this blog.

  2. you are toooo cute! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. I feel like I need to jog with the stroller to my grocery store now!

  4. Glad you enjoying getting back into shape Annie. I want to go for jogs too, but never have the time.

  5. I live across the street from this bag lady and I have to report seeing her pushing her little "baguettes" in the stroller. On a recent morning I was just home from work around 8:30 a.m. and she had just returned from walking Samuel to school. Actually she walks and Samuel rides his bicycle. He is probably one of the very few children still allowed to do that. Anyway, here she comes down the street with Levi riding shotgun (this is an old Western reference to stagecoaches, he does not actually have a gun). Isaac (aka Smiley-Pants) is usually asleep but sometimes awake and per his norm is smiling. We visited in my driveway and BL noticed a stroller tire low of air. She got out the on board air pump and started to fix it. Levi, being The Man, jumped out of the stroller and wanted to pump the pump. Trouble was, he did not weight enough to depress the pedal on the pump. So Mom helped him, and together they fixed the tire. Meanwhile, I snagged Smiley-Pants out of the stroller for some grandmotherly hugs and kisses. He quickly had enough of that so he wiggled down to (try to) eat some acorns. Soon they were all finished and on their merry way home.
    Now I tell you all of that to tell you this. The degree of involvement, love and care Annie has in the lives of 3 of the 6 and 3/4 most important people in my life (my grandchildren) will forever earn her my love, thanks and praise. Love you Annie. Ann

  6. You, my friend, just make me smile :) so go on with your bad self bag least you will be the bag lady with the most toned bootie in town!
    And how about this comment just above me...what a sweet picture this painted in my mind.


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