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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday: Simple Mom's Facial Routine

So when I read this blog post from the Simple Mom, Tsh (no, that's not a typo - there is no vowel in her name), I was at my wits' end with my skin.  I've never had really great skin except when I was on the patch birth control.  Other than that short time, it's not been great.  I'm always either too oily or too dry with those really gross breakouts that go deep into your skin and hurt.  TMI, perhaps?  Sorry.  

At any rate, I had just had Isaac, and my skin was absurdly dry.  It seriously made me look about 10 years older.  My neck was even very scaly and old looking - talk about freaking me out!  I went to the dermatologist, and she sent me to their little store area to purchase an expensive cleanser and moisturizer that actually made things worse.  (Thanks for nothing, yo.)  

My face was so dry that I started using a cotton ball soaked with baby oil to exfoliate the dead skin off, and I would follow that up by slathering vitamin E oil all over my face and neck before I went to bed.  That was actually really helpful, so when I read about the Oil Cleansing Method, I thought, 'What the heck; it can't hurt at this point.'  The basic premise is that oil dissolves oil, but you want good oil to do the job.  And lemme tell ya, IT WORKS!!!  Here's what Tsh said:
So in essence, good-quality oil is the perfect substance for cleaning sensitive skin, such as on our face, because it helps gently remove the dirty oil and replaces it with good, nourishing, healing oil.
You can read all about it on Tsh's post, but basically this is what you do.  If your skin is:

- Normal or combination, then use a mixture of
1 part Castor Oil
1 part Olive Oil

- Dry, then use a mixture of
1 part Castor Oil 
2 parts Olive Oil

- Oily, then use a mixture of
2 parts Castor Oil 
1 part Olive Oil

You know what castor oil is, right?  You buy it in the laxative section.  You can play with the amounts until you find what is right for you, but I suggest starting with 1/1 and going from there. I put it in an old bottle pump from my empty cleanser so it's easy to use. I don't recommend putting it in a jar because it makes a big mess.

You basically just slather it all over your face (no prior washing necessary), and then use a steaming hot washcloth to wipe it away.  Sometimes I'll slather it and then get in the shower and wipe it off in there after it has steamed a bit.  I've been doing this for about 2 months now, and my skin has never ever been better.  I don't look as old as I had been looking right after Isaac was born, and I have only had ONE breakout the entire time which is not usual for me at all.  And the dryness is completely gone.  No more scales!!!  

I still use vitamin E oil occasionally, too, but I don't do that every night, just when I need it.  

Has anyone else ever tried the OCM before?  If you are going to try this, then please read Tsh's whole article.  It's so helpful!  

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