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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Holiday Fitness Game Plan

I had some friends over the other day, and we were discussing food and fitness and our goals.  Then one friend mentioned the holidays, and I felt panicked.  I love food, you see - eating it, specifically.  She asked what I was going to do for Thanksgiving when it comes to dieting.  I realized that I didn't really have a game plan in place, and I need one.
Last Thanksgiving I looked like this (that's sweet baby Isaac in that robust belly), and I was loving it because I didn't count one calorie the entire holiday season.  It was a free-for-all, and I knew that it was my last pregnancy so I would never allow myself to be so gluttonous again.

Today, however, I'm kinda liking the affects of my diet and exercise, and I don't really want to undo all my hard work for a few bites of tasty food.  It goes on a heck of a lot easier than it comes off!!!

As I've given it some more thought, these are a few of my goals to ensure that I don't become seduced by the holiday sugar mavens:

*  Jog everyday of my trip to San Antonio for Thanksgiving (maybe find a 5K to run Thanksgiving morning) and the morning of any party.  I'm less likely to overeat if the memory of the hard work it takes to burn calories is fresh on my mind.
*   Limit holiday baking at home to gifts (meaning don't keep it around the house).
*  Go to parties full so that I can resist.  If I have even one bite of sweets, I'm a goner and can't stop.
*  Don't celebrate with food (remember this post about having Christmas bliss without food or excessive spending).

Ack!  I don't know what else!  What helps you?  I want need to know!


  1. Let everyone know what your plans/goals are for the holiday season, so you'll have plenty of eyes watching and to be accountable to! Let yourself have one treat per week, and make sure there are plenty of healthy options for you when not eating at home, even if it means bringing your own! :)

  2. That's really smart, Maggie! I think I'll keep stating my intentions here on my blog and on FB so that everyone will know! It's a bit of a challenge, though, to not make people feel bad about themselves in the process. It's a fine line between inspiring and condemning, ya know? And yes, bringing my food is a brilliant idea! I'll do that, too! All great ideas, thanks!!!!!

  3. I declared thanksgiving meal as my one "cheat" meals back in July when I started my diet. I plan on eating whatever I want for one meal....yes even BREAD!

    If I want to make my "diet" into a "lifestyle change" I have to work the change into my life.

    For better or worse, Thanksgiving is part of my culture and therefore an important part of my life.

    Ergo, the challenge for any lifestyle modification must include some level of compromise towards incorporation into my daily living or it won't be a viable and true lifestyle change.

    Rather, it will just be another "diet".

    All those words to say...



  4. That's really good to put a time limit on your "splurging". I could eat and eat all day if I didn't put a limit on it. And when I say "holidays" I don't just mean the day of. There are so many opportunities for "celebrating" in October through January, so I want to be careful. There are kids' playdates, tons of parties, family get togethers, etc. So the "game plan" includes everyday life in these months, as well.

  5. Oh...I wish we could be jogging buddies! That would help me stay motivated....but since that isn't going to happen I'll just have to stay with my original plan of having my husband drive around with doughnuts in the car until I run fast enough to catch him...hehehe
    PS: have I mentioned that a doughnut shop just opened one block from my front door??? I can smell powdered sugar when I walk outside...ahhhhh I am in so much trouble!!


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