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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giving a Little Fresh-Baked Love

Happy hump day, everyone!  Life is good today, friends!  I'm sitting here on the couch enjoying a lazy morning watching it rain off and on out the living room window.  Michael took Samuel to school since it was raining, so I get to hang out here.  I can't even go to the gym because Levi woke up with pink eye (but it doesn't stop him from running around the house, full of energy, in his undies and rain boots).

Anywho, I was talking to my sister yesterday, and the conversation went like this:

ANNIE: So I made the mistake of baking yesterday.
JULIE:  Gah, Annie, why do you bake when you know you have no self-control?!
ANNIE:  I know, right!

She knows me, and only a sister can be so blunt.  What I had done was made a loaf of whole wheat bread in my bread machine, and then I made a double batch of this ridiculously delicious acorn squash bread.  (Although, I used less sugar and margarine and no nuts.)  Anyway, my sister knows that every time I bake I feel the incontrolable desire to eat it all as fast as I can.  In the beginning (like, starting with the batter) it's just because it tastes good and I'm enjoying it.  But by the end it's because I just want it gone so that I don't have to think about it anymore.  So before I knew it, I polished off half a loaf of each of the breads.  I went to bed with a really icky tummy, a calorie count of 2,860 (I get 1,200 a day), and a whole lot of guilt.
So what to do?  I don't want to give up my love for baking.  I really do love healthifying recipes and being able to enjoy baked treats with less calories, but it obviously defeats the purpose when I eat the whole damn thing.

The other day when I made the acorn squash bread, I knew that I needed the second loaf out of my house, so I brought it over to my MIL's house since the family was gathered there that night.  It was perfect because I got to share it while still having some myself (albiet too much), and I still got to experience the joy of baking it.

When I was in college I was driving back to Arlington from San Antonio, and I stopped at a roadside produce stand and bought the most delicious peaches I had ever eaten in my life - sweet, juicy, and perfectly ripened.  I bought like 10 of them and ate a couple of them in the car.   I was driving directly from San Antonio to a church college group gathering, and the thought occurred to me to bring my peaches in and share them.  'Eh, no, I want them for myself,' I thought, 'I don't get the opportunity for roadside peaches very often.'  Well, the next morning every single peach was over-ripened and moldy.

I always think of that story when I don't want to share my yummies. 
Gluttony never blesses me, but generosity always does.  
I'm going to be working on generosity this holiday season.  I'm actually really excited to get to bake without the pressure of having the self-control to keep it in my house.  I can get rid of it as soon as I bake it!  I plan on baking, taking out a portion for me and my family, and then giving it away to whomever (neighbors, Michael's co-workers, teachers, friends, family, etc.).    

Do you have plans to give away some fresh-baked love this season?

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